Who will buy the iPhone 5?

Liana Pappas
18 September, 2012
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Those fortunate enough to sleep through the San Francisco media event last week where Apple announced its sixth-generation smartphone, would not be resenting the 3AM start. In terms of sleep, we weren’t so fortunate.

Lucky for us the team received an iPhone 5 survival kit from MobilePhoneFinder, at first we thought it was a PR stunt from Samsung as the kit arrived with a Samsung flip mobile handset. However the kits included an apple, Redbull, coffee, Panadol, working mobile phone, Cup ‘o’ soup, party poppers, stickers and a secret message, which asked for us to answer a call at 5:00 AM AEST.

Almost a week after Apple’s announcement the team over at MobilePhoneFinder – an Australian mobile phone and plan comparison website, put together a survey to find out who will buy the iPhone 5 and how consumers reacted to the launch.

Among the close to 1,400 Australians surveyed by MobilePhoneFinder, the biggest statistic claimed that 80.6 percent of Australians would most likely purchase Apple’s iPhone 5.

Out of those surveyed, here is what the findings found:

  • 69.1% of those surveyed already own smartphones
  • 48% preferred Telstra as their carrier for the iPhone 5
  • 94.4% of current Apple owners surveyed will most likely upgrade the the iPhone 5, while 62.9% of current Samsung owners will switch to the iPhone 5

The survey also found users who plan on buying the iPhone 5 were still disappointed by the lack of a few features, namely Wireless Charging, 3D Camera and NFC.

Data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech states Android sales rose 64 percent from June 2011 to June 2012 while iPhone sales dropped by 17 percent in the same period. As of July, Android held 56.9 percent of the smartphone market while Apple’s iPhone held 30.5 percent.

Thanks to MobilePhoneFinder for sharing the findings, we don’t need a survey to tell us how consumers feel about Apple’s iPhone 5. Apple revealed that the iPhone 5 was pre-ordered more than two million times within 24 hours. That’s double the iPhone 4S’s record of one million.



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