What’s your favourite messaging app?

Anthony Caruana
7 July, 2015
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I have to admit – I’m a messaging addict. I use SMS, iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Google Hangouts regularly for communications with friends, family and clients. The trouble is I don’t have a single place where I can be found. Different people contact me by different messaging channels.

Over at The Age, one writer has found Telegram is his favourite service. But while there’s probably nothing wrong with Telegram, the problem, for me, is it further fractures my communications.

I’ve tried several clients. Trillian is great, but doesn’t integrate iMessage although it does bring FaceBook Messenger and Google Hangouts from several different Google accounts together nicely.

So, today I pose a question – what’s your favourite messaging service and what’s your favourite messaging application?

Let us know in the comments.

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  1. nom says:

    What’s wrong with Apple’s Messages app OSX? It handles all of messaging services you mentioned (SMS, iMessage, Facebook, Google). The only other service that I use that it doesn’t connect with is Skype

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