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Macworld Australia Staff
21 July, 2012
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Have you ever thought what you would do if you got stuck on a deserted island? How would you pass the time? Well the answer is simple, play on your iPhone. Stockholm-based, technology company myFC has the device to fast-forward an extended island stay without an empty battery – it’s a water-powered fuel cell called the PowerTrekk.

The futuristic looking power source, launched at CES in January and, more recently, on show at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, requires hydrogen, oxygen and water to operate, using a proton- conducting polymer membrane to split the hydrogen into protons and electrons.

The protons are able to move through the membrane, while the electrons move around a circuit, producing an electrical current.

The PowerTrekk can be attached, via USB, to all mobile devices from iPhones to GPS units, providing up to 10 hours of power from a tablespoon of water.

myFC believes the PowerTrekk will benefit people spending periods of time off the electrical grid. “Our mission is to provide high performance, affordable and environmentally friendly mobile and energy solutions,” myFC says. “We believe the benefits of powering your device should outweigh the costs in ways that simplify the lives of people throughout the world.”

The PowerTrekk is claimed to work in all weather conditions and not suffer “power degradation like there is with batteries”. While fuel cells have been around for a while, the PowerTrekk appears to be a neat innovation that could assist those without power on small and large scales.

Of course, users would require a clean source of water. myFC says the construction of its fuel cells is both easy and cost effective, able to be produced “in a roll-to roll, high volume manufacturing process”, and the result is a product that is “high in performance and low in cost.”

The PowerTrekk is expected to be available in Europe midway through the year, costing 199 euros (about $245). We have no information on Australian availability as yet.


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