The rumour mill… week ending 2 August 2013

Macworld Australia Staff
2 August, 2013
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Biometric sensor?

To sense or not to sense… that is the burning question fuelling the Apple rumour mills this week.

When the iOS7 beta 4 was released last week, the software included a folder called BiometricKitUI, which led several media outlets to believe that a fingerprint sensor is a dead cert for the next edition iPhone. The Sydney Morning Herald, CNBC, and of course AllThingsD were just a few of many, many outlets musing on the possibilities. What nobody is quite so sure of at the moment, though, is whether the sensor will be used solely for identity security or whether it is also intended for payment authentication.

Release date of iPhone 5S

Or should that be iPhone 6? Or 5C? Whatever the next iPhone is called and whether or not it has a fingerprint sensor, of far greater urgency to many Apple followers is when we’ll actually see the darned thing. TechRadar can’t seem to make up its mind – mentioning 2014 as a release date, but then suggesting it’s likely we’ll see another iPhone in September/October this year. is brave enough to bandy around a couple of dates… that it got from other blog sites. If you’re a fan of Apple blog iFund, you should be drawing a big red circle around 6 September now. Or if CurrentEditorials is your go-to guy, make that 18 September.

Will the next one just be a cheapie?

After those suspect photos of iPhone 5C stands (see top right) appeared (and were swiftly queried), along with the ‘inexpensive’ looking plastic backs (right), the rumour mill found more grist for its, er, mill with the release of the report by China Labor Watch, in which an undercover work at Pegatron described their job on the production line helping to make a plastic backed iPhone. International Business Times noted that colourful cases have appeared for sale on Amazon, arguing that this confirms the imminent arrival of the iPhone 5C. MacNewsWorld, for one, finds the prospect pretty depressing – “the scariest product Apple ever invented” in fact.

Others noted Tim Cook’s visit to China and speculated about whether his visit was primarily to increase sales in the region, discuss the supposed iPhone 5C (Colourful? Cool? Camera?  Or just plain old cheap?) or simply to investigate labor violations.

How will it charge?

Talk is flying thick and fast that the iPhone 6 (or 5S or… yada yada yada) will have wireless charging at last. Which at the very least should once and for all prevent any more terrible cases like the ones in China and Sydney recently.

Automatic setup for Apple TV using Bluetooth?

And just for something completely different… the rumours are also swirling that Apple’s recent acquisition splurge has at least one specific aim – strengthening Bluetooth to, among other things, enable users to tap the phone on the Apple TV to connect, according to MacRumors and iPhoneHacks.

And that’s the mill for the week…

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