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25 April, 2014
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Hi-ho Rumour Relayers

With a notable silence issuing from this neck of the woods last week due to Easter and the world turning more slowly due to Anzac Day this week, we still thought there was room for a rumour or two, if not the grandiose production number the Rumour Mill generally likes to parade on a weekly basis.

So, no blathering, no special guest presenters, just the plain and simple round-up of what the gossipers and gripers are saying about Apple and its products and services this week.

As is commonly the case at the moment, the favourite topic is the next iteration of Apple’s much loved (and copied…) smartphone.


5.5in iPhone 6 delayed?

In that familiar ‘if we say it enough it becomes solid gold fact’ way, the world seems to now be accepting that the next iPhone will come in two sizes – the 4.7in version and the 5.5in one. Now Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times [Google Translate, via G for Games] reports that the larger of the two phones will be delayed because of issues with finding a battery with enough power that will fit into the purported 2mm ‘very thin’ profile.

We won’t see the 5.5in iPhone 6 until 2015, says the Times.

Ah, there’s nothing we like more than hearing those stories that a product that hasn’t even been announced yet, let alone given a launch date, has now been delayed. It’s so many shades of ‘really, we’re just guessing here’.


Video of ‘leaked’ iPhone 6 case

What about the outside of the phone? Well, AppleInsider has something to say about that, pointing to a seven-minute-30-second video that appeared on YouTube this week, which claims to feature a leaked iPhone 6 case.

In the video, comparisons are made between this ‘leaked’ case, Google’s LG-made Nexus 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3. You can watch the video here. If the case is genuine, we can at least expect the on/off button to move from the top of the iPhone to the side, among a raft of other changes and updates.


Source: Unbox Therapy via YouTube

iWatch to replace iPod?

MacRumors has reported the suggestions of analyst Christopher Caso, who works for the Susquehanna Financial Group. Caso reckons that the plans for the as yet unannounced iWatch include complete cannibalisation of Apple’s much loved but increasingly overlooked music player, the iPod.

“Caso says Apple has production targets of 5 to 6 million units, but believes the iWatch will ‘essentially replace the iPod in the consumer portion of AAPL’s product lineup’ and will see lowered iPod sales as a result of customers choosing the iWatch instead. The note says the iPod is not expected to be updated this year,” reports MacRumors.

We all know by now that Apple has acknowledged the iPod to be a declining business, and it hasn’t significantly updated the device for a couple of years, save for the odd colour tweak. If the iWatch (if such a device is even in development, and if Apple is intending to launch it in the near or not so near future… yada yada yada) were to take over where the iPod is increasingly leaving off, it would probably be a sensible move all round.

Unless of course you’re wedded to your earbuds and don’t really want to listen to music with a long and entangling cord running from your wrist to your ear. Aha, didn’t think about that did you, Mr Caso? Or are you also implying that everything will be Bluetooth by then, including ear buds?


What will become of those earbuds when the iWatch cannibalises the iPod?


Is Brightflash getting in through the backdoor?

MacRumors also reported this week that Apple is looking at protecting its iWatch trademark. And maybe using the Brightflash shell company to do so. Basically to cut a long story short, for a while now Apple has been trying (with varying degrees of success) to trademark the iWatch name all over the world.

Now it seems that a new company, called Brightflash, has sneakily (our word, not theirs) filed a trademark application for the name in the US – right under the noses of the opposition.

“Brightflash filed its iWatch trademark application in the United States on 5 June 2013, alongside the surge of applications by Apple in other countries during the span of 3 to 5 June,” says MacRumors.

Hmmm, very interesting… The Rumour Mill nods sagely, while narrowing its eyes.


Anything on the box?

… as our dear old father used to say. Funny you should ask that, Daddy dear. IntoMobile is among the sites reporting on the discovery of a bit of code in iOS 7.1 that seems to point to the imminent arrival of Siri on Apple TV. Get your magnifying glasses out now…

View image on Twitter

That’s very hard to understand IntoMobile. We’re going to just hop over to 9to5Mac, which seems to have originated the story anyway, thanks to the investigative powers of one Pierre Blazquez.

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 14.19.52

Well, we still don’t REALLY understand it, but at least we can read it with the naked eye. So thanks 9to5Mac.

And that’s it for the Rumour Mill for the week ending 25 April 2014. We told you it would be short and snappy… but, as Mary Poppins so pertinently reminds us, enough is as good as a feast.

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