The rumour mill… week ending 9 August 2013

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9 August, 2013
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Light up your logo?

Last week it was all about the possible fingerprint sensor on the front of the next iPhone… but the burning question fuelling the Apple rumour mills this week is around the back. Of the next iPad. Specifically will the tablet have an illuminated Apple logo on the back like the iPhone and MacBook, rather than the opaque black plastic one it currently sports? Some pundits have pointed to the MacOtakara video released this week that supposedly shows such a feature. The video led to an exchange between AppleInsider’s Mikey Campbell and’s founder, Steve Hemmerstoffer (or with the help of Google Translate), musing on the possibility, with Campbell warning against taking this idea as gospel. “Such a feature would be difficult to implement, however, as adhesive is used to secure the tablet’s large battery pack to the interior shell wall, a design that covers the Apple logo in both the fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini,” he wrote.

It may seem such a little thing, but it still excited the blogosphere, with one pragmatic poster pointing to the pictures to pinpoint their pleasure (sorry, I think I just spat on your jumper) – ascii, “The lit-up logo is very noticeable on Apple laptops, in the movies or in real life. If this is real, and they are doing it on the iPad now, it makes sense, from the point of view of getting attention to the brand.”

And the rest of the iPad

That video may be short and not terribly illuminating (apart from the logo, of course) but it still was enough to give rise to a bunch of other rumours. As John Cox noted in Networkworld, “The video shows what is presumed to be a partially assembled 9.7in iPad – the cover glass, front casing and rear casing. As has been long-rumoured, this exterior has the rounded corners, thinner bezels and rear-facing microphone all found in the current iPad mini.”

Taking up the tale is AppleInsider, which noted, “Noticeably absent are the tablet’s internals, including basic circuitry like a home button. However, because the assembly is missing a display, the black front panel stands out in sharp relief against the assumedly aluminum rear shell, granting a look at how thin the side bezels are compared to a current iPad.”

iPhone 5C Red

Holy handset, Batman.

It’s a bat phone

Hot on the heels of the recent images of white ‘iPhone 5Cs’ doing the rounds, this week’s suggestion is that the C (for colour, not cheap, no no, never cheap – how very dare you) will also come in… red.

The Technology Tell website thinks we’ve all reached a consensus by now that Apple is definitely “working on a lower cost version of iPhone” and that it should be revealed next month. Blogger Hammad Saleem referred back to the images of a white phone before reporting on 8 August that Chinese website has revealed images of a red version. Guess it would be the officially favoured colour there really, wouldn’t it? But will it have a one-touch connection from Commissioner Gordon to Bruce Wayne. I think we should be told.

Tai one on

And in less frivolous, possibly more far-reaching news, the rumour mill was buzzing with the suggestion that Apple is currently recruiting a development team in Taiwan, as it is looking to establish a new centre there for R&D. MacRumors pointed to a posting on VR-Zone Chinese (again, you may need Google Translation for this), before explaining, “The Taiwan R&D centre will supposedly focus its efforts on future iPhones, but may also work on other future products as well. Apple is said to be hiring for numerous positions at the facility, with a number of different engineering and managerial jobs available. There do not appear to be any new R&D job listings for Taiwan on the Apple site, so it appears that the hiring push for the facility has yet to begin.”

And finally…

Gasparino? Never heard of him.

Fox is in Apple’s business

Well, not really. In an impressively lengthy vacillating heap of conjecture, sorry, report – considering it contained only hearsay, opinion and a couple of graphs that have been around for a while – Fox Business Network’s Charlie Gasparino reported that, according to his “solid sources”, there is clearly unrest in Apple’s upper echelons. The board is worried that the company isn’t innovating quickly enough and doesn’t have anything with a ‘wow’ factor in the pipeline. Or words to that effect. He didn’t point fingers, give any actual, you know, facts (apart from Apple’s well-publicised share price) or name any names. Well, he name-dropped the board members a bit, but then reassured viewers that they are ’100 percent’ behind Tim Cook. But then he added that they’re also probably thinking ‘is he the right guy for the job?’ or something. For more stunning insights and clarity of position you can read the rest of our take on Gasparino’s report here.

by Macworld Australia staff

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