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Macworld Australia Staff
23 August, 2013
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Haswell-based MacBook Pros on the way?

With all the fanfare about 10 September being the supposed launch date for at least one new iPhone (5S? 5C?), the refresh of the MacBook Pro has been somewhat overlooked. But not by everyone. Shane Cole at AppleInsider reported this week that the Haswell-based MacBook Pros are said to be already in production and could possibly ship early next month – leading to the possibility of a multiple unveiling on 10 September – iOS 7, the latest iPhone and the latest MacBook Pro, for an impressive triple whammy.

iOS 7 having a staggered release?

And while we’re on what to expect on 10 September (which, let’s face it, seems to be pretty much all anybody is on at the moment), there’s another rumour floating about this week as to which devices will get iOS 7 first. Andrew Cunningham at and have shared with the world the suggestion that there may be a slight delay in tablets getting iOS 7. The new operating system is planned for iPhones 4, 4S and 5, the fifth generation iPod touch, iPad 2, iPad mini and both Retina iPads, but “chatter within Apple” has led to the rumour that the iPad builds are a little “unstable and unreliable”. It wouldn’t be the first time there has been fragmentation in this way, but Cunningham notes that phones and tablets have been fairly tightly linked since iOS 4.2 in November 2010.

You’re indestructible…

One of the liveliest rumours hitting the mills this week regards the possible unveiling of a gold version of the iPhone 5S being launched alongside the traditional black and white versions. While some have decried this – one forum poster even went so far as to label it the proverbial jumping of the shark – others have noted that a/colourful Apple products are not at all without precedent – Indigo iMac anyone? – and b/ despite all the less than kind cracks about rappers, pimps and Madonna’s latest dental work, it makes perfect business sense for the burgeoning Asian market, where gold has long been a colour of choice. Then there are those who seemed to be perfectly happy about the idea, as long as we are calling the colour ‘champagne’, not gold.

Another week, another iWatch idea

apple iwatch 02 is enamoured with some of the latest mock-up designs to surface detailing possible Apple smartwatches. The concepts were created by the team at As the website’s Krisette Capati says, “We don’t expect Apple to release such a product this year despite what we’ve heard in the rumour mill, but we love looking at some of these gorgeous concepts. Isn’t it she lovely?”

Another week, another… you get the picture

Yes, if it’s not the iWatch it’s the Apple TV. Quartz ( and regaled us with the rumours that “Apple is negotiating with production studios and networks to provide content for a television set that would emphasise apps over cable TV, according to people familiar with those discussions.”

Jordan Kahn at explains, “Most of the report echoes what we’ve heard several times in the past – Apple is apparently talking with HBO, Disney, MTV and others about a new TV service.”

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