The Post Man – Disc of the Month for June

Nicholas Pyers
25 May, 2009
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Does your mailbox have:

  • Four billion, two hundred ninety-four million, nine hundred sixty-seven thousand, two hundred and ninety-four messages in it?
  • Or even just ninety four?

Either way, The Post Man can help you manage your daily inbound emails and outbound bulk mail.

The Post Man includes:

  • Alternative Email Clients
  • Bulk Mailers
  • Spam & Junk Mail Filters
  • Plug-ins for Apple Mail
  • Stationary Templates

Chibi Ninja Mail: Creates a cross-platform encrypted multi-language email message, an inserted image, attached files and read receipt function. Freeware

Direct Mail: Powerful mailing list management and mail delivery software that lets you stay in touch with thousands of contacts. Shareware

DockStar: Add new badges to the Mail dock icon. Demo

Entourage Email Archive: Archive your email from within Microsoft Entourage to many different formats. Shareware

E-List Distributor for Mac: Completely automates mass mail outs. Shareware

E-Mail Commander: Send out uniquely customised e-mails to everyone in your database. Shareware

eMail Bounce Handler: Bounced email filtering and handling software that recognises bounce email to try re-sending your message or to take them off your list. Shareware

Emailchemy: Read email from the closed, proprietary file formats of the most popular (and many of yesterday’s forgotten) email applications and converts it to standard, portable formats that any application can use. Demo

eMail extractor: Extracts valid e-mail addresses from all kind of text sources like your local files, online web pages, plain text drops and the clipboard. Shareware

eMail Verifier: eMail Verifier connects to SMTP servers to confirm if an email address is valid or not. Shareware

Eudora: Long-standing leader in industrial strength email software. Sponsored & Light modes

Eudora Mailbox Cleaner: A simple drag’n’drop application which helps you migrating your mail and related data between different client programs. Contrary to most other solutions, it preserves message status flags (read, replied) and re-attaches attachments Eudora stripped from incoming messages. Freeware

Export Address Book: Export all the data in your Address Book into a data file. Demo

FlagIt: Adds labels & multi-coloured flags to Mac Mail. Shareware

Fun Card Maker: When Apple quietly discontinued their FREE iCard service, millions of people around the world were upset. Now Fun Card Maker allows you to create your own iCards using your own photos or images! Freeware

gMailContacts: Uploads your E-Mail addresses from Mac OS X Address Book to any gMail account. Freeware

JPEE Email Utility: A custom e-mail merge, email extractor, email verifier, data parser and all in one affordable email utility. Freeware

JunkMatcher: Cocktail-styled spam filter for on Mac OS X that integrates tightly with and OS X. Freeware

Letter Opener: Process Microsoft Outlook winmail.dat files in Apple Mail. Shareware

Letterbox: A plug-in for Apple’s that takes advantage of your widescreen monitor. It rearranges the interface into three vertical columns — so the message pane is to the right of the message list, rather than below. Freeware

MacFreePOPs: Many free email providers don’t allow users to access their mailboxes with a traditional email client, but with MacFreePOPs you can. Freeware

Mail Forward: Allows you to forward mail from AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Netscape, and Yahoo web mail accounts to any e-mail address. Standard POP and IMAP e-mail accounts can also be forwarded. Shareware

Mail Unread Menu: A simple menu bar application which can provide you with a quick and easy way to see how many unread email messages are in Apple’s Mail. Freeware

Mail Appetizer: Plug-in for Apple’s Mail that displays an onscreen notification window the instant a mail arrives. Freeware

Mail Act-On: Powerful enhancement to Apple’s Mail Application that puts organisation at your fingertips. Shareware

Mail Badger: Plug-in for Apple Mail that lets you create add multiple badges to Mail’s dock icon, to indicate the number of messages in different mailboxes. Freeware

MailFX Pro: Replaces the sound warning of Mail, by an evolved notification system, customisable, offering many features. Shareware

Mailplane: Continue to use the Gmail web interface you know and love, but from Mailplane instead of your web browser: Mailplane makes you more productive and saves you precious time. Shareware

Mail Scripts: A collection of AppleScript applications for Mail and Address Book offering additional features or simplified workflow. Freeware

Mailsmith: Makes sending, receiving, and managing email as intuitive and efficient as possible, yet offering an unprecedented degree of flexibility. Demo

MailTags: Adds a convenient side panel in Apple’s Mail to add tags keywords, project, priority, notes to your messages. Shareware

MaxBulk Mailer: A full-featured bulk emailer and mail-merge tool that allows you to send out customized press releases, prices lists and any kind of text or HTML documents to your customers. Demo

MiniMail: Just like the mini-player in iTunes does for music, this plug-in for puts information about your inbox at your fingertips. Shareware

Personal Antispam: Analyses your incoming e-mail, determining which messages are spam and which are valid messages. Demo

PowerMail: The consummate client for fetching, managing and searching e-mail. Shareware

Purify: Filter email, forward email, trace and report spam. Shareware

Quaik: Lightweight mailer for single or bulk mailing. Donationware

RelatedMessages: Builds an index, similar to Spotlight, of all your mail files, and uses that index to find messages related to the currently viewed message. Freeware

SerialMailer: Communicate with a large group of customers, friends or other e-mail contacts without having to rewrite the mail for each person. Shareware

Signature Profiler: Plugin for Apple’s Mail application that adds missing features from the way that signatures are handled and managed with your outgoing mail messages, especially if you have multiple mail accounts. Donationware

SpamSieve: By learning from the very messages that you receive, SpamSieve is able to block nearly all of your junk mail, without putting your good messages in the spam mailbox. Demo

Thunderbird: Powerful email client from the same team that bought us FireFox. Open Source

TNEF’s Enough: Allows Macs to read and extract files from Microsoft TNEF stream files aka “winmail.dat” files. Freeware

VacuumMail: An AppleScript application that performs the “vacuum” command on Apple Mail’s underlying database which helps speed up Mail and is designed to be incorporated into an automated maintenance routine and run at regular intervals. Freeware

WideMail: Customisable plugin for Apple Mail that provides wider columns in Mail’s Windows. Freeware

Bonus Stationary for Leopard Mail
The Post Man CD has dozens of Mail Stationery Templates to enhance your Mail.

The Celebrations Galore Disc also has seasonal and festive Mail Stationary templates (plus a ton of clip art, fonts, music and sound effects).


The Post Man is available on CD for $10 from participating Apple User Groups, including;

Many User Groups allow you to purchase the Discs of the Month from their meetings — often at a discount — or to order via the web, postal mail, fax or telephone.

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