The Big Pink Phone of the Future

Tim Grey
27 January, 2011
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Earlier this week, we Macworld Editors sat down for a cuppa (or three) with the guys from Connexus, a local distributor who brings a host of iOS peripheries to our shores, for a heads-up about what’s coming up in the next few months.  Besides a bunch of fine docks and fancy cases, there was one product that particularly piqued my interest – a candy-coloured handset that appears to have been pried from the cold, dead hands of Andy Warhol.

Designed by French designer David Turpin, the Moshi Moshi Pop handset connects to your iPhone – or iPad/iPod Touch, for that matter – via a 3.5mm jack, magically transforming a device that Apple have spent millions on making slimmer into something the size of a Buick. No doubt, it’s some neat-o retro design, but it begs the question: why?

As a professional, I took it as my duty to find out.

Although I was offered a ‘more masculine’ purple version, I instead opted for the biggest, pinkest handset and hit the streets.

Boarding a tram on the corner of Bourke and Swanston, I called my girlfriend. She sounded as horrified about the spectacle I was making of myself as the passengers on the 67 appeared to be. Similarly bemused responses ensued as I continued my conversation in Coles. Shoppers paused and stared, mouths agape, or giggled to one another and pointed.

But, despite the hectoring, an interesting thing occurred: I kinda liked it.

Now, I do realize that this particular approach is probably not the intended purpose of the Moshi Moshi Pop. There are, of course, some weirdos like myself who’ll trail around a long curly cord, but the peripheral handset is best utilized in more sensible settings.

For example, it’s a neat alternative to crouching by the power-point when the iPhone’s out of juice, or when you’re having a long conversation while blobbing. Native Union also points out that using handset will protect the contents of your melon from the high-powered gamma death rays that are shooting from your iPhone right now, although the jury’s still out on whether that’s really happening or not anyway.

But the most genuinely helpful application of the Moshi Moshi Pop is for VoIP calls. By sticking the handset into you Macbook, your iPod or even your iPad, the device that’s not meant to be a phone suddenly becomes a phone. Sound quality is good, and certainly better through the jack than it would be through accursed Bluetooth. So, despite looking a little bit silly, the Moshi Moshi turns out to be a rather sensible gadget. Also; you’re not contractually bound to buy the thing in pink.

It’s the (retro) way of the future.

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