The balancing act

Anthony Caruana
2 June, 2016
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Each month, I receive quite a few emails from readers of Macworld Australia. Some are requests for assistance, others are comments on articles we’ve published and others are questions about the content in the magazine.

As I’ve just clicked over a year in the editor’s chair, I thought it was a good time to reflect on our magazine.

I see my role as editor as being the current custodian of Macworld Australia. That means bringing together the best content I can for each issue of the magazine to meet your needs. The big challenge there is that, despite the magazine being called Macworld Australia, the magazine has, for most of its existence been about Apple products.

When Apple pretty much only made computers, that made sense. Until 2001, when the first iPod was released, Apple had dabbled with printers, the MessagePad and QuickTake camera, but if you asked anyone what Apple did they would have answered with “makes computers” or something like that.

Today, Apple has four operating systems it builds hardware for: OS X (which is soon to be renamed MacOS if rumours are to be believed), iOS, tvOS and watchOS. Now, rather than covering the Mac and accessories, we’ve moved into covering a broad ecosystem.

And that ecosystem is set to expand and more products and services leverage frameworks such as HealthKit and HomeKit.

Back when I started writing for Macworld Australia in 2004, the core section of the magazine was called The Hub. At the time, Apple’s strategy revolved almost completely around the Mac as the hub of the home with photography, videos, music and mobile devices as the spokes.

The big difference is that Apple’s strategy now sees you as the hub, reaching out with computers, tablets, smartphones and wearable tech. When I put the magazine together each month and choose the products we’ll review and features we’ll write, I think about different people and what they’ll be interested in. And that means the content won’t be 100 percent focused on the Mac – although there will always be Mac-specific content. But there will also be iOS-focused topics with a little bit of Apple TV and Apple Watch.

The balancing act for me is ensuring I get the mix of Mac content balanced with the other platforms Apple has created right. And I’m sure you’ll let me now when I tip too far one way or the other.

From the June 2016 issue of Macworld Australia

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