Ten Thousand and Counting

Matthew JC. Powell
20 June, 2008
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We’ve reached a minor milestone on the Australian Macworld forums today, as this evening the 10,000th post went up. That’s 10,000 posts in 162 days since we launched on the 11th of January, and we’ve got new members joining all the time adding to the conversation. Of course this milestone wouldn’t have been reached this soon were it not for the enthusiasm and support of our members, so we’d like to extend a very big thank-you to everyone who’s taken part.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s posted a link to something interesting they found so that our members can also find it. We’d like to thank everyone who’s answered another member’s cry for help with a Mac problem. We’d like to thank everyone who’s brought their problems to the Australian Macworld forums in hopes of finding a supportive community and helpful answers. We hope we haven’t disappointed you.

In particular we want to thank a few core members of the forum community who contribute on pretty much a daily basis and keep the topics lively. These members will be the recipients of a complementary two-year subscription to Australian Macworld: TLCAUS, mickdevlin, gazza, gramsey, rhysbartels, Xenophos, pmoeser, Aaron Bellette, bitingmidge, macchef, meinrosebud.

If you’re already subscribers we’ll extend your subscriptions by two years. In addition you’ll receive the various special issues and Superguides we’ve got planned over the next couple of years. Just e-mail me to make sure I’ve got your address details and we’ll get those subs happening.

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