Stop press: Rush Limbaugh shoots himself in the foot

Macworld Australia Staff
7 August, 2013
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At the weekend, the renowned US radio announcer, Rush Limbaugh launched into one of his regular lengthy tirades. The subject was Apple. Or, at least, that was the trigger. And how Apple is like the Republican Party in the US. No, really, bear with us. His take wasn’t so much that it’s a company stuffed to the gunnels with hard-line right wingers (or “probably aliens from Mars, racists, sexists, bigot homophobes”, which Limbaugh believes is the common perception of Republicans).

More in the way that “the Irish are the blacks of Europe” as Jimmy Rabbitte (Robert Arkins) so famously put it in The Commitments . If all the tech bloggers out there are raving about Samsung and Google and Android, that makes those companies like the Democrats, who are given an equally easy time of it by the mainstream media in the US… according to Limbaugh. “Apple is the equivalent of the Republicans on these blogs, and Google, Android, and Samsung are the equivalent of the Democrats.  They’re perfect, they can’t do anything wrong, they’re ideal, and everybody hates Apple,” he opined.

But being both a great student of the way the media works and a self-proclaimed hobbyist dabbling in high tech and gadget blogs, Limbaugh sees a correlation in bias. And thinks that if we all stepped back a bit, we’d see how poor beleaguered Apple is lambasted in those tech blogs in exactly the same way the Republican Party is by the mainstream media in the US.

“This entire universe of tech bloggers is probably liberal Democrat, in their politics,” said Limbaugh. “And yet they are seeing the same kind of bias in the area they care about that you and I see in the area we care about, politics.  And it would be a great teachable moment, I would love to get some of these guys and say, ‘Would you start questioning CBS the way you question that website?  Would you start questioning NBC the way you question that blog and the way they report on Apple?  Would you start questioning ABC the same way you are dubious of that blog and the way they’re reporting on Samsung?’ …Fascinating.  Study of the media is fascinating.”

Yes, it is fascinating, isn’t it? That in this litany of overwhelmingly liberal media organisations, Limbaugh cannot find one iota of balance. “There’s hardly any conservative media in the mainstream.  The alternative media is loaded with it, but the mainstream media, the big newspapers, the big networks, you have to look long and hard to find a conservative, to find a Republican, to find anybody who’s even fair about them,” said Limbaugh. Long and hard? Long and hard? So true. One has to dig very deep indeed to uncover anything like, let’s say, Rupert Murdoch and, cough, Fox News. Minnows, I tell you, minnows. And gagged minnows at that.

But just to seal the deal, Limbaugh completely shot himself in the foot after he came back from a break, when he read out an email sent into his show, asking him to name and shame some of these left-wing tech blogs. Limbaugh naturally declined to do this. What, proof? Some facts to back up these adamant assertions? Well, no that wouldn’t be fair, apparently. Because, “Folks, I’ve thought about it, and there’s nothing to be gained by it.  If I call ‘em out, all they’re gonna do is get happy that I’m giving them attention and elevating attention.  It’s not gonna change them.  If I start naming people, the same thing.  It’s one of these unfortunate things.  This program is so big that certain things I can’t talk about because, believe me, these people do not need – I know I’m making this all sound interesting, but they don’t need to be bigger.”

Did you notice that little four-word insertion there? The part that said, ‘This program is so big’? Well, just in case you missed it, he stressed the point. “If this were just a local show in Podunk state, I could tell you everything, but it’s the biggest show in media.”

His show, that is. It’s the biggest show in media. In a world where you have to look long and hard to find a conservative. Er, right…

Hear that strange little noise over in the corner? Don’t mind that, it’s just Apple chuckling. Or scratching its head.

by Macworld Australia staff

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