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Grace Robinson
31 January, 2011
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When Mophie’s juice Pack Plus landed on my desk, I’d reached a crucial moment – my iPhone’s battery was less than 10 percent and I was heading out to lunch. Luckily, the rechargeable external battery case more than doubles battery life with its 2000 mAh capacity, allowing for extended talk, text and Net time. Crisis averted.

But what I really liked about this product is that aside from just charging, there are some other pretty cool features to take advantage of while you wait for your battery life to gain strength.

With the juice pack plus, you can also charge and sync your iPhone to iTunes without removing it from the case by using a USB cable, which is thankfully included. The juice pack plus also features a toggle switch that allows for standby and charging mode so you only have to recharge when you need it. Best of all, the case design acts as a virtual speaker box, redirecting sound from the bottom of the iPhone 4 to the front, resulting in a much better sound quality.

Mophie’s juice pack plus for iPhone 4 is a great little gadget for recharging on the go. It comes in a range of colours (I have my eye on yellow) and is available for purchase online.


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  1. Siva says:

    Does this reduce the signal strength in anyway ? This was a common complaint with the unit for the 3GS.

  2. AMW staff says:

    Having used it myself, I didn’t find any problems or interference with signal strength. Mophie also gives a guarantee that the case does not interfere with antenna reception.

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