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Macworld Australia Staff
6 September, 2013
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Wait! Whaaaat?

Always have to be different, don’t you Mashable? While Apple watchers around the globe have spent the week speculating on what they can expect from the now confirmed media event on 10 September, leave it to you to complete ignore the latest iPhones (and the thrilling options of exactly what colours will be available) and release of iOS 7. And instead throw us a curly one with the suggestion that next week could also see the debut of an updated Apple TV.

And how, Mashable, did you come to that conclusion, pray tell? Shipment bills. That’s how.

The site’s Samantha Murphy Kelly quotes a “blog post from trade intelligence platform Panjiva” which details bills showing recent shipments sent to Apple from its supplier. Several of the August bills were for “a set top box with communication function”, reports Kelly, in a piece that was then picked up by

A word in your shell-like

Making sure that no Apple product gets overlooked on the rumour mill this week, there are also ‘reports’ circulating about the next-generation iPad mini and full-size iPad. Appleinsider points to a couple of videos released this week that seem to be comparing the rear aluminium shells of the next tablets.

The website notes that there seem to be no significant changes in the shell of the next-gen iPad mini (should the clip be genuine) and speculates as to whether or not it will have a high-resolution screen like the full-size model. You can watch the video below.


It’s time

Meanwhile over at the Apple theorists are running with the idea that the iWatch can now be described as imminent. What makes them say that, you ask?

Have they perhaps been rifling through Apple shredders/rubbish bins/in-trays and found some August invoices from Apple suppliers to the Cupertino company, detailing shipments of, er, cogs and winders, very small chips and flexi-straps?

Not as such. Businessinsider has a much more scientific way of sleuthing. Writer Jay Yarrow reckons Apple’s smartwatch must be due to arrive any minute because… Samsung has just released its version, the Galaxy Gear. No, bear with us. There is logic here, somewhere.

And it runs along the lines of when Apple announced the iPad, it was just pre-empted by Microsoft and HP rushing to announce the HP Slate tablet.

Not to blow its own trumpet, but the website proudly recalls that when that happened, “we wrote that ‘the Apple tablet has a clear runway for take-off’.” Which, of course, actually happened. So Businessinsider is now feeling a distinct case of deja vu.

It also clearly doesn’t think too much of the Galaxy Gear, so reckons “it gives Apple room to come in with the iWatch and actually deliver something great”.

Could Businessinsider make it a two from two? Time will tell (see what we did there?)

Chinese whispers

With the news this week that Apple is also holding a media event in China next week (significantly, the first time the company has held almost simultaneous events in both the US and China), many rumour mongers are convinced this points to, not only the Chinese launch of the iPhone 5C, but also the announcement of a deal with China Mobile. As Reuters noted, China Mobile “is the world’s biggest mobile phone company by customers and the only one of China’s big carriers that does not have an agreement with the US tech giant”.

The one aspect of the China media event that no one seems to be noting is the date – 9/11 – which still sends chills through the rumour mill’s heart, but perhaps we’re just too sensitive.

16GB last soldier left standing?

9to5Mac suggested this week that a leaked document from Canadian carrier Telus (via seems to imply that most models of the current iPhone 5 will be superseded by the imminent launch of the iPhone 5S (should that moniker be confirmed next week, of course). The document (shown below) seems to suggest that the 32GB and 64GB models will be discontinued as the new models are so close internally to the current devices – but that the 16GB will be continued as an entry level model.


And that’s the rumour mill for this week.

by Macworld Australia staff

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