Rumour mill for the week ending 20 September 2013

Macworld Australia Staff
20 September, 2013
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There’s gold in them thar hills…

With news this week that folks in China can’t get enough of the gold iPhone 5s (but aren’t quite as enamoured of the iPhone 5c, confounding forecasters who predicted they would be the slightly cheaper colourful offering’s most obvious market), the hue du jour is clearly gold, gold, gold.

And not just for phones. appadvice reports that the next iPad mini could well follow suit.

Evidence to back up this claim? Er, none actually. Well, popular designer Martin Hajek has put together some concept images. With a gold mini. And Touch ID too. Concept – that’s all. As one commenter points out, you can’t really name a column ‘First Look’ for a product that doesn’t actually exist, but is merely the figment of someone’s imagination. But, hey, when did that ever stop anybody?

Would the last person out… 

It’s all over. The iPhone 5s is proof that Apple has given up on innovation. Apparently. Well, that’s what Tim Worstall says and he writes for Forbes so he should know. Oh no wait, he doesn’t. He’s actually sitting right on the fence there. His response to that proposition is: “OK, that’s a fair enough opinion actually: I don’t say that it’s true and I don’t say that it isn’t.”

Not so timid is Aditya Chakrabortty in The Guardian, who this week girded his loins and posed that big question: iPhone 5s: has Apple given up on innovation? And you can soon gauge which side of the fence he is sitting on. Writing about the release of the two new iPhones, he includes the words ‘let down’,  ’meh’ (he was just quoting someone else, mind…) and ‘fanboys’ in the second paragraph of his article. And it all goes downhill from there. But if you do click through and then have a TL;DR* moment, we’ll make it easy for you. His summation sides with academic William Lazonick. “Apple is no longer a design and product firm, driven by engineers and designers, but a ‘financialised’ company focused on returning money to Wall Street. It is ‘becoming a typical American corporation’. That’s a damning verdict for the company that Jobs built. But it’s also worrying in its implications for modern, financial capitalism to deliver innovation.” Oh dear. Guess that’s it, then.

HOW many?

On the other hand…

Mikey Campbell over at shines some light on the musings of one Gene Munster, an analyst from Piper Jaffray, who believes that Apple will sell between five and six million new iPhones this weekend. That’s if you add the sales of the iPhone 5s and 5c together. That’s a pretty brave call from Munster when you consider that Apple hasn’t even announced the number of pre-orders it received and that records were set just last year with the launch of the iPhone 5, which sold five million units during its first weekend.

“Given last year’s in-store sales numbers, we are comfortable that Apple could sell 2.5 million iPhone 5S units this launch weekend,” Munster said in a report to investors. “Our estimate for the 5C is three million units sold during the launch weekend, including one million online pre-orders and two million in stores.”

We don’t know about you, but we think there’s something rather admirable about a forecaster who is prepared to actually name names, pull some numbers out of the air and, in so doing, stake his reputation for punditry with such a bold statement. Especially when, come Monday, the whole world will be able to see if he was right. Kudos to you Mr Munster.

That’s less than a month away

There'll be no sign of Mavericks until Apple finishes workshopping the logo... apparently.

Enough with the frivolity. What we really want to know is when will Apple announce all the innovations and updates that it didn’t include in the 10 September event? For those champing at the bit to discover the ins and outs of the new iPad models, new Macs, release of OS X Mavericks and updated Apple TV hardware, a new date has splashed down in the cybersea. The date is 10 October and we can thank French website MacGeneration for highlighting it. Thanks to Google Translate it has shared with us “the latest gossip” (but with no links or sources), which tells us, “The Cupertino company will present the new iPad – as she take the opportunity to say a word about the Mac Haswell?” She – cute, eh? Those French… does point out, however, that MacGeneration isn’t always to be relied upon, so maybe don’t go trashing your trusty old Mountain Lion just yet…

No reflection on you, but…

Whenever and wherever the new iPads do land, John Cox in Network World has pointed to a PatentlyApple post that suggests the next version will have an anti-reflective display – bringing joy and relief to beach readers everywhere. But, again, don’t be too quick to ditch your sunnies and anti-glare screens, because, as Cox notes, “The ‘news’ of the anti-reflective display follows the well-known and well-worn iOSphere pattern of taking any Apple patent application and applying to the Next iDevice.” Good point, well made, Mr Cox.

*TL;DR = too long, didn’t read (but you knew that, didn’t you?)

by Macworld Australia staff


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  1. Mac architect says:

    The name says it all – iPhone 5s and 5c NOT iPhone 6. It is intended as an improvement on the current model. I have not read much about the new chips – 64 bit – the same as in a laptop. To me that is innovative and has huge potential down the track. I am hoping that the 64 bit chip will be in the next ipad. It creates the potential to run higher level programs on a touch tablet. I would love to be able to run my CAD package on my iPad. If I was at Apple I would be looking at amalgamating iOS and Mac OS into one seamless OS that runs on all their devices and allows any program to run on any device. Huge potential there.

  2. Judy Frazer says:

    Great information. I am still waiting or Apple to recognise that many IPhone users want to be able to play albums one after the other, especially in the car where Bluetooth makes it possible NOT to have to pick up the phone, to answer a call and it would be great NOT have to pick it up to reselect when the album finishes. (Not only albums by same artist) At present it seems the only way is to create a ‘travel’ playlist of several, clunky to say the least. A ‘continuous’ choice?

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