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1 November, 2013
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The Frog Prince

– Bored with your tired old iPhone 5s or 5c? Come on, they have been out and about for over a month now. Yawn. When will the next iteration give us something fresh to salivate over? Surely it’s time for the iPhone 6 rumour factory to start churning out some good stuff?

Have no fear. Network World’s John Cox has already dug up some choice material. Thanks to John, we know all about the chatter surrounding the idea of a bigger screen, 16-megapixel camera, ‘gaze detection’ (and, no, that’s not a misspelling of some new Grindr like app…) and IGZO display with 8G glass.

But that’s not all. Even more fanciful are these iPhone 6 suggestions/concepts/crazy-as-a-cut-snake-proposals detailed by this week.

Which of these wacky/ugly/actually-rather-sleek ideas takes your fancy?

How about the range of sizes or, as we like to call it, the ‘Three Bears’ option?

Who's been sitting in my dock?


Not keen? Perhaps you’d prefer the Marilyn Monroe machine – the phone with curves in all the right places? Well, if Marilyn had been built back to front that is…



Scratched screen, much?


Look, there are a whole lot more like this. But just to add a semblance of sense and sanity to the brew, why don’t we just stick to what we have, only with much smaller bezels? This is the direction Nikola Cirkovic would like to see Apple heading in. Pretty much as it has just done with the iPad Air in fact… . Ah, mirror mirror on the wall, surely this is the most beautiful non-existent-as-yet-though-we-can-but-hope iPhone of them all?


Nikola Cirkovic's iPhone 6 concept is no ugly duckling.


Any fairy tale worth its salt lets us know who the goodies and baddies are without confusing us. And here at the Rumour Mill, we are happy to oblige. Supplies of the iPad mini with Retina display are going to be constrained? Outrageous! Surely there is someone we can blame for this travesty? Well, since you asked, apparently there is. And it’s Sharp. AppleInsider has let the cat out of the bag, passing on a rumour from Digitimes that claims the newest baby iPad is facing availability issues due to low yields of its Retina display panels from secondary supplier Sharp. “LG, reportedly the tablets’ primary display supplier with 60 percent of the orders, is said not to face the same issues,” says the website. So yah boo sucks Sharp then. You get the black hat this week.

Sleeping Beauty

iPad mini with Retina display

"Coming soon," says Telstra... the tease.

So, once Sharp is banished to the wilderness/persuaded to change its wicked ways/presented with a dagger to its heart, when will we get to see Apple’s gurgling infant? US bloggers such as MacRumors and AppleInsider are plumping for 21 November as their chosen release date for Retina iPad display mini. Whereas here in Australia Vodafone is hedging its bets, stating only that it will carry the iPad mini with Retina display “later in November”. Optus and Telstra being cagier still and holding on to that old standard, “coming soon”.

Hansel and Gretel

The good news is that when the much anticipated new device does arrive in the shops, Apple Maps might just help you find your way into town to buy one. has been scouring the Apple job postings again and the site reckons that it’s discovered proof, or at least a strong indication, that Apple Maps is finally going to include public transit directions. Head for the woods, take a left at the lolly house and you can’t miss it…

Chinese whispers… part 42

We’ve been hearing for a while now that a deal is brewing between Apple and China Mobile, but the word is it’s inching closer. Reputable old Reuters ran a story this week that points to an announcement being made next week. MacDailyNews quotes Tim Worstall (Forbes) adding that such a deal will not be driven by the 4G network as China Mobile’s “4G network isn’t going to be operative until April”. Here at the Rumour Mill, we really, really hope they go ahead anyway. Because, in case you haven’t noticed, we don’t know any Chinese fairy tales and we’ve completely run out of subhead puns with ‘Chinese’ in them…


And that’s the Rumour Mill for the week ending 1 November 2013. Now off you trot to your happy every afters…

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  1. Peter Ms says:

    Nikola Cirkovic’s iPhone 6 concept is no ugly duckling.

    No. but it made me look twice! It look so much like my Jiayu G3, it could be a knock-off. That would be a reversal, for Apple to be copying a Chinese design.

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