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Dan Warne
22 September, 2007
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Download all these files from the local mirror at AusMac (see "Hotlinks") or click on the program names to go to the developers’ pages.

WinClone 1.4.1 Freeware X (10.4) Intel
If you’ve installed Windows on your Mac using Boot Camp, then you must get this utility. It allows you to back up your Windows partition to a disk image while in OS X, as well as restoring it if necessary. It also makes it possible to resize your Boot Camp partition (the process is: back up Windows using WinClone, delete the Boot Camp partition using Apple’s utility, create a new Boot Camp partition of a different size and then restore the Windows installation using WinClone.)

Quickboot 1.0.1 Freeware X (10.4) Intel

Another handy utility for Boot Camp users: it temporarily reboots the Mac into Windows, but when you restart again, it will boot back into OS X automatically. No need to use Startup Disk.

TimeDrawer 1.0 beta 6 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC
Sick of waiting for Leopard or have no intention of upgrading? This app will give you “Time Machine for Tiger”, with the added advantage that you don’t need to have an external hard drive to store file backups on. And it doesn’t have that hokey starscape background that Apple is using, which earns it bonus points.

Edgies 2.0 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC
Sticky notes that appear on the edge of your screen as a tab, which, when clicked, slides out the note. Has some other advantages over Apple Stickies such as the ability to scroll a note and drag and drop files and folders onto notes.

SpotInside 0.5.2 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

An alternative search interface for Spotlight that provides content previews of any type of document, allowing you to help differentiate between identical-looking search results.

Lighthouse 1.2.1 $US12.99 Shareware X (10.4) Intel/PPC

This utility is so good it’s hard to understand why nobody thought of creating it before. It allows you to create “port forwarding” rules in your router (required to make P2P programs like BItTorrent work correctly) via a simple OS X interface. It handles the configuration of your router for you — you just have to make sure “UPnP” or “NAT-PMP” is enabled in the router. It automatically activates the right port forwarding rules when you open an application that requires them, through the use of predefined “application profiles”.

Pauser 1.0 Freeware X (10.2) Intel/PPC

Got an app that’s sitting there consuming CPU time even when it’s idle? Pauser allows you to pause a process — it literally halts computation for any app — and then resume it when you need it again. Perfect for apps like Word and Photoshop that chew a few per cent of CPU time even when they’re not doing anything at all. By AMW reader Sam Dunster from Kiama, NSW.

Dockables 1.0.4 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC
Dockables gives you one-click access to system events via icons in your dock. Events include restart, shutdown, sleep, lock screen, empty trash, close all applications, and more.

Dropshare 1.0 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC
Got a file you need to send someone but it’s too big to e-mail? This handy app lets you drop the file onto it, have it uploaded to temporary online storage space, and provides a URL that you can e-mail to allow your contact to download the file.

Facebook Watch 2.1 Freeware X (10.4) Intel/PPC
A Dashboard widget that lets you keep an eye on what your Facebook friends are up to. It tracks your wall posts, friends’ updated profiles, friend, group and detail requests, your inbox and more.

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