New Microsoft ‘I’m a PC’ ads still can’t beat Apple’s

Carla Thornton
23 February, 2009
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The pundits have spoken: Microsoft’s latest “I’m a PC” commercials, while cute, are not convincing. The new series, dubbed “The Rookies,” debuted earlier this month and features children demonstrating how easy it is to use a PC. So far two spots have aired, both featuring Windows Live Photo Gallery.

No one has accused the new ads of being as boring as The Mojave Experiment commercial or as bizarre as the Seinfeld-Gates mashup (which some here at The Standard actually liked). Everyone seems to agree that the star of the first ad, Kylie, a preschooler who e-mails a photo of her pet fish, is adorable.

But no one is favourably comparing the new ads to Apple’s seminal “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” series, still going strong after three years, either.

Microsoft Watch’s Joe Wilcox doesn’t like the second Rookies ad, in which a seven-year-old girl stitches together a panoramic photo, because it lacks “emotional impact”. The series won’t fly unless Microsoft releases a high-quality ad like the Kylie spot every week, he says. However, Microsoft was smart to go with children because Apple doesn’t dare spoof The Rookies. “What is Apple going to do, make fun of little kids?”

The AppleBlog’s Tom Reestman thinks using kids is stupid. “Why isn’t anybody stating the obvious? When you’re 4.5 or 7 years old you have no idea what the phrase ‘I’m a PC’ is supposed to mean.” What’s next, asks Reestman, testimonials from animals?

The Twittisphere was a little kinder. Most tweets I saw praised little Kylie. Said Alex_Ball, “I love this…I’m a PC and I’m 4 1/2;. Am speaking to her agent to see if she can come do some TechNet Events.” But some, like Marzbarz, were already weary: “I’m getting sick and tired of those ‘I’m a PC and I’m a kid’ commercials.”

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