MacBook Air Competition winner

Matthew JC. Powell
11 April, 2008
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Way back in January we decided to do something a little bit rash: give away a MacBook Air to any AMW reader who could demonstrate their ability to review it. Little did we know then that the competition would end up being massively popular, and turn into one of the hardest (and at the same time most enjoyable) competitions to judge in the history of the magazine. Almost every day for the past two months I’ve read through new entries in the competition, and almost every day I’ve been struck by the creativity and skill of AMW’s readers.

It has not been easy to judge. As late as this morning I was still whittling down a "short list" of ten entries. If I could, I’d have given a MacBook Air to each of those ten. For the record, they were: Tangerine Alert, Bitingmidge, Xenophos, Smidgey, Khovy, QuannyG, Pabloc, Evercurious, Darkmelody and Soakwashrinsespin. All of you deserved to win, but unfortunately only one could.

And that one is Darkmelody, whose Hip-Hop rhyme got stuck in my head and made me laugh. Congratulations.

We’ll send out your new MacBook Air shortly, and in a couple of weeks we’ll have you on the AMW Weekend Edition podcast to talk about it.

For those interested, here is the winning entry:

I just started Uni (time-based multimedia)
Don’t ask me what it means I don’t understand either
Well basically it’s about messing around
With video, images, animation and sound
And I use my Mac Mini G4 1.25
But it’s first generation,so, no Super Drive
I love that little box, it runs my digital life,
It’s also been running a business: (my wife’s)
I got a dashboard full of widgets and my Ical is bursting
But it’s Ableton Live which is CPU thirsty,
Now don’t get me wrong this is not being bitchy
But filters and effects were making it glitchy
I want my hi-hats crisp and my kick drum to slam
So I treated my mini to one gig of RAM
And it runs real smooth now but the issue is space
(my iTunes is scattered all over the place)
40 gigs on the hard drive and 40 more externally
It seems I’m backing up files (to CDs) eternally
And I always just thought that iMovie would do me,
But you know this stuff that I’m doing at Uni
It’s Photoshop, Logic and Final Cut Pro
And I’m worried the Mini might just be too slow
Oh yeah one more thing: This is no begging letter
Just aesthetically i feel that I’m suited much better
To a MacBook Air than my much loved Mac Mini
Cause just like the Air: I’m really skinny.

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