Morning all! Live update - Melbourne time 5 AM

6:40 Liana Pappas & David Braue: Thanks ever">

LIVE UPDATE: Coverage of “Come See Our Latest Creation” Event

27 January, 2010
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There has been so much speculation about what the “latest creation” from Apple will be.

Morning all! Live update – Melbourne time 5 AM

6:40 Liana Pappas & David Braue: Thanks everyone. Check back soon.

6:39 David Braue: No iTunes updates? Does that mean this thing basically looks like an iPhone 3GS to the computer? But how can the iBookstore be implemented in the current framework? Maybe it will just be a point upgrade for now.

6:36 David Braue: Omission of magazines is interesting but not surprising. Magazine publishers will all need to come to grips with this device on their own terms. Unless he’s about to announce iTunes X, with subscription features. There will certainly be a new version of iTunes — is that the One More Thing?

6:33 JS: Thanks everyone for being here. Sorry for the technical problems. We’re going to go get our hands on the iPad now and we’ll have much, much more on this in the coming days on

6:33 DM: Thanks everybody! Sorry for our tech issues.

6:33 DM: We hope you love the iPad as much as we do. And that’s it!

6:33 David Braue: Still no mention of fingerprints. Will the iPad come with its own iCleaningCloth?

6:32 DM: The reason Apple is able to create products like the iPad is because we’ve always tried to be at the interesection of technology and liberal arts. To get the best of both, to make extremely advanced products from a technology point of view, but have them be intuitive, easy to use, fun to use. Fit the users, rather than having users come to them. The combination of these two things has let us make the kind of creative products like the iPad. We’ve got a hands-on area next door. (Woot!) When you feel this much fun in your hands, you’ll never want to go back!

6:31 DM: We have the iTunes Store, App Store, and now the iBookstore. Over 125 million accounts with credit cards. All enabled for one-click shopping on all these stores. Over 12 billion downloads from these stores. Ready for the iPad. Now the iPad, to sum up “Our most advanced technology in a magical & revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.” We think this is going to be a really great combination.

6:30 DM: Steve’s back. Do we have what it takes to establish a 3rd product? The bar’s pretty high. It’s got to be far better at doing some key things like browsing, email, photos, etc. We think we got the goods. We think we’ve done it. We’re so excited about this product. Another thing we’re so excited about is because we’ve shipped over 75 million iPhones/iPod touches, all those people already know how to use the iPad.

6:24 David Braue: It’s like a MacBook in kit form. I would think Apple could have built in a pullout stand in the back so the iPad could sit upright on its own for use in computer mode. But Steve hates bits sticking out so it’s not really surprising they’ve taken this approach. It also means more cash for the accessories makers.

6:23 David Braue: Keyboard mystery solved: A dock with a keyboard. Really? No Bluetooth keyboard? A dock? Have we gone back to 2000?

6:22 DM: Jony Ive!

6:22 DM: We made a video to put on the Web, here it is on the big screen.

6:21 David Braue: International carrier deals by June/July — figures Australians need to wait 6 months to get their hands on this. Disappointing. Although SIM-unlocked means it will be easy to import them and get them online. Pricing starting at $US499 is quite good, should translate to around $799-$899 landed in Oz.

6:20 DM: Really great accessories as well. There’s a dock! Why is that so interesting? When you’re in lock screen, it puts you in the slideshow, so you have a great picture frame. Another dock WITH A KEYBOARD. Just slide your iPad into it. Charge your iPad and if you need to do a lot of typing, this is the way to go. Third accessory is a really nice case, doubles as a stand for typing, or watching video.

6:20 DM: When can you get your hands on one? 60 days, worldwide availability. Another 30 days to get 3G models through approval process, so about 90 days for 3G models. Soon you will be able to get an iPad in your hands for just $499.

6:18 DM: At $499 a lot of people can afford an iPad. $499 for 16GB is the base model. For 32GB it’s $100 more, for another $100 you get 64GB of storage. The 3G models cost an extra $130 to build in radios. $629, $729, $829. These are the six models. The most expensive model is just $829. Unbelievable price.

6:17 Liana Pappas: That’s around $560 AUD conversion. Will more likely be $799. OZ prices to be confirmed.

6:17 DM: What should we price it at? If you listen to the pundits we’re going to price it at $999. When we set out to develop the iPad we not only had very ambitious technical goals and user interface goals, but we had a very aggressive price goal. We want to put this in the hands of lots of people. And just like we were able to meet or exceed our technical goals, we have met our pricing goals. Starts at $499!

6:16 DM: So, iPad. Review time. Internet, e-mail, best device for photos. Great for enjoying music. Video is phenomenal. Runs almost all 140,000 apps on the App Store as well as a whole new generation of apps. And it has a new iBooks application with iBook Store. Carry literally thousands of books around on your iPad. And the iWork suite for doing productivity.

6:15 DM: Hope to have international deals in place by June/July. Gonna start on that tomorrow. All iPad 3G models are unlocked and use new GSM micro SIMs. So if carriers use micro SIMs, the existing iPad will just work.

6:14 David Braue: Pre-paid 3G access? There goes my milk money…

6:14 DM: Now how do you turn this on and manage it? Don’t have to go to store, just activate it on iPad. No contract: it’s pre-pay (somebody seriously just gave a whistle to that). Cancel anytime. We think it’s phenomenal.

6:12 DM: Let’s talk about wireless networking. Every iPad has Wi-Fi, but we’re also going to have models with 3G cellular wireless data built in as well. Now, what does it cost for the data plans? In the US, telecoms charge about $60 a month for data plans for laptop. We got a real breakthrough here, two awesome plans for iPad owners. First one gives you up to 250MB a month. Most people will get by on that: just $14.99. Unlimited data if you feel you need more, for just $29.99. Breakthrough deal with AT&T. (Yes, it’s AT&T people.) And free use of Wi-Fi hotpots all throughout US.

6:11 DM: Steve’s back. The iPad syncs with iTunes on your Mac/PC just like the iPhone or iPod touch. Sync Photos, Music, Movies, TV shows, Contacts, Claendars, Bookmarks, Applications. Backups are synced back. Ever lose your iPad and get another one, restore it right from the backup.

6:11 Liana Pappas: And price of the iPad is?

6: 10 David Braue: “The most beautiful ruler you’ve ever seen!” Seriously, Phil, it’s a ruler.

6:10 DM: Shows the power of the iPad to take difficult and advanced applications. So what are we going to charge? Just $9.99 each for applications. Three completely new apps, with new user interfaces, compatible with iWork on the Mac. Easily connect to projectors (aha!). Buy on the App Store, right from the App Store.

6:09 DM: Drag a slice out of the pie chart to just highlight part of a chart. Create a form from a spreadsheet with just a tap. So that’s a quick look at iWork on the iPad.

6:07 David Braue: I have another question: How much is it going to set me back? No mention of price or, for that matter, 3G connectivity. Although I think he’s about to get there…

6:07 David Braue: There will definitely be people for whom this device does everything they need. Oh, how I hope Apple hasn’t been stubborn again, and that it will have had the foresight to enable Bluetooth keyboards. (fingers crossed)

6:07 DM: What about adding new rows of data and adding a subtotal? Tap button bottom left to add column and then double tap to bring up specific keyboard for data entry. Access to numbers, forumulas and functions, and text. Just want to add a sum on the coumn. Tap the SUM button and it automatically figures out the formula needed. Then just tap the green checkbox and we’re done. If you want to fill that across all of them. You could copy and paste, but it’s faster to just fill (uses same pop-up style menu as Copy/passte on the iPhone I note). Change style of graphs.

6:06 DM: And last, Numbers. Library of spreadsheets, templates. Tabs along the top: one doc can hold many spreadsheets. Here’s what you can do without a keyboard and mouse. Rearrange columns by tapping and and dragging. Move the columns to the end of the table and it auomatically updates linked chart.

6:04 DM: So that’s Keynote. Let’s look at Pages. Same sort of set up at the beginning: a library of documents, and access to templates. Scroll through the text. Tap anywhere and up comes a keyboard. And there’s a ruler—The most beautiful ruler you’ve ever seen! says Phil. New tool called Page Navigator. Hold finger on the right and it brings up a loupe that lets you skim through your pages. Automatic text wrap around a graphic. Tap and drag an image around and it automatically reflows text. Tap the info button to bring down control panel to change text styles.

6:03 David Braue: Use of EPUB for e-books is a smart move because this device is going to live or die by its content. Can’t hurt to do everything Kindle does, and so much more, right out of the box.

6:03 DM: What else? Animations. Tap the animation mode. Tap an animation, and you can choose one and it previews it. With just a finger you’re doing very advanced slide animation techniques. Hit the play button and we’re presenting. Tap or swipe to go forward.

6:02 David Braue: iWork on the iPad? How cute. Keynote makes good sense, Pages not so much. Although page layout will be easier with drag-and-drop. This truly is the touchscreen MacBook Apple has so far avoided making.

6:01 David Braue: We’ve posted pictures from the launch at and will update them as the event continues to unfold.

6:01 DM: How do you move a slide around in the navigator without a keyboard or mouse? Tap and hold, drag it wherever you want and now you’ve rearranged your slide. Can select multiple slides by tapping and holding and then tapping additional slides. Here’s a slide with images: how do you get those in? Grab them from your photo albums with a media navigator. Drag your photo where you want. To resize, grab a handle and start resizing. Want to match size? While resizing tap another photo and it matches. Want to do a mask? Just tap and pan around.

6:00 DM: Keynote first. Keynote runs in landscape because slides are designed horizontally. First thing you see is slide library. Presentations that we’ve created in Keynote. Tap a button to create a new presentation, access to tempates. Choose one and you get the layout. Menu items on top and slide navigator on the left. Scroll with your finger to move around the slide navigator. Go to a slide? Just tap on it. Text, tables, charts.

5:59 DM: Completely new version of Keynote designed just for the iPad. Complete new version of Pages—the most beautiful word processor that you will ever see. And Numbers: a spreadsheet that is fun and cool to use—when’s the last time someone told you that? And Phil’s going to give us a demo.

5:59 DM: Schiller: iWork is a suite of applications that millions and millions of our customers really love. Home, business, and school customers can do word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets. Can you bring this software to a multi-touch product.

5:58 DM: So here’s Phil Schiller to talk about iWork on the iPad.

5:58 DM: Now we’re switching gears to iWork. Create a version of iWork for the iPad. Initial reaction was that they were really heavy duty apps that require a lot of horsepower. Could tablet power them? Answer was a resounding “you betcha.” Could we come up with an entirely new interface for these apps? Very different from a personal computer.5:57 DM: All in one really great app. Using epub format. Most popular open book format in the world. Very very excited. Think iPad will be a terrific e-book reader for poular books and textbooks.

5:57 JS: Big announcement that they’re using EPUB. That’s basically the standard, so that’s huge news because Apple could have gone its own way.

5:57 DM: All in one really great app. Using epub format. Most popular open book format in the world. Very very excited. Think iPad will be a terrific e-book reader for poular books and textbooks.

5:56 DM: Photos, black and white, color, video in your books. Change the font size if you want, bigger or smaller. Change the font: Baskerville, Cochin, Palatino, Times New Roman, Verdana. That’s iBooks.

5:54 DM: Here’s a demo. Hitting the store button is like a secret passageway. It flips around. If you’ve used iTunes or the App Store, you’re already familiar. Prices look like they very between $7.99 and $14.99. Buying Teddy Kennedy’s memoir. You can get a sample if you want, but Steve’s going to tap and buy. Downloads right onto the bookshelf. “It’s just so simple.” Just tap if you want to read. Tap anywhere on the right fo flip forward, on the left to flip back. Drag page if you want to slowly turn the page. Go to Table of Contents and pick a chapter.

5:53 DM: Bookshelf of books, there’s a button on upper left corner that’s the Store. They’ve created the new iBook Store, fully integrated with the iBooks app. Download and purchase apps right on your iPad. Top chart list, NYT bestseller list. Five of the largest publisher: Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Macmillan, Hachette Boook Group. (Didn’t see McGraw-Hill on that list!)

5:53 DM: Amazon’s done a great job of pioneering this functionality with the Kindle, so we’re going to stand on its shoulders. Here’s reading a book with our new app, “iBooks.”

5:52 LP: We can only imagine.

5:52 DM: Steve’s back. “Isn’t that awesome? They only had two, two and a half weeks to work on this. Imagine what they can do with more times.” Another one of Apple’s apps—an e-book reader!

5:51 DM: Forstall: I for one know that instead of carrying transistor radio, I’ll be taking my iPad and this app. Very excited about the opportunities for devs to build amazing apps. Providing SDK today but while we wait for those apps to come out, can still run existing iPhone apps.

5:51 JS: Wow. I liked MLB At Bat before, but that was awesome. Amazing merging of game data and live video.

5:49 DM: Extremely excited to make something for the iPad. Didn’t just want to make their app biger, wanted to create whole new experience. Live game experience with data from last April. Navigate league scoreboard across the top. Shows you every throw. Tap any player to flip open baseball card. Show video highlights while this is going on. Across the bottom you can see box score, field, line up, summary. Watch live with your choice of home or away announceres. Enhance with live data from while you watch.

5:49 DM: Forstall: Last up is Official website of Major League Baseball and publisher of At Bat. That app has been downloaded nearly 2 million times, nearly 60 million videos. Here’s Chad Evans to show off the iPad version.

5: 48 DM: Here’s how fast this device really goes. Ramping up the speed. Okay, that’s pretty fast. That’s Need for Speed running on the iPad and you can expect more from EA soon.

5: 46 DM: As gamers, the first thing we wanted to check out was performance. What better game than Need for Speed? Gorgeous 3D version of BMW displayed on huge display. Took them a very short time to get this up and running on the iPad; will be able to bring existing titles to iPad in no time. Building for the iPad is different: like holding an HDTV just inches from your face. Fully touch-enabled. Played with different interfaces. Tap on the car to see inside the car. Started adding new interface like the shifter and the mirror because there was so much real estate on the screen. Performance is really important.

5: 46 DM: Next up, Electronic Arts. Major supporter of iPhone since launch of App Store, with over 40 titles. #1 publisher of mobile games. Travis Boatman’s here to show it off.

5:45 DM: Forstall: Imagine artist with a canvas this large. No paints, no easel, it’s going to be incredible.

5: 43 DM: Next up is Brushes. (This has gotta be the perfect title to show off the iPad). Steve Sprang comes up to show it off. Artists of all skill levels have used it to produce images for all sorts of venues, including print. Gallery includes a handful of original iPhone paintings. Tap to edit any images. Tap to show up palettes or other tools. All the brushes from the iPhone are avaialble, adjust size, spacing, and opacity. Pinching lets you zoom in up to 32 times. By tapping and holding, you could actiavte eyedropper. Just drag across the screen to paint. Can undo if you need to. On the iPad, it’s going to support in-app playback of your painting. Very cool. Brushes will be available at product launch.

5:43 David Braue: Mmmmm, games. The gaming potential of this baby will be vast and real. Not that there’s anything wrong with iPhone gaming, but… well, actually, there is. Maybe on this baby you won’t have to cover half the screen with thumbs to simulate a joypad. But it’s not going to be something you can play games on while standing upright on the train — too big.

5:43 DM: Forstall: I already find myself reading my paper on the iPad in the morning using Safari. Can’t wait to try this app.

5:41 DM: Captured the essence of the reading experience. Jump to sections, look at articles. Reading experience is great, tap to change number of columns, resize text at a pinch. Jump to sports to see latest Olympic coverage. Emebedded video. Can turn on updates to get breaking news in all the sections. Been at this for three weeks, and excited to pioneer new journalism.

5:40 DM: Steve showed you the Times Website and it looks great, so why develop something else? They’ve optimized for iPhone, now want to do the same for the iPad. The best of print and digital all rolled into one.

5:39 DM: Next up is The New York Times. Huge readership both nationally and internationally. One of the best Web news sites in the world. Inviting up Martin Nisenholtz to talk about the iPad plans.

5:38 LP & DB: Pictures on the way

5:37 DM: Showing off Nova, a shooter. Can move the user interface wherever you want on the big screen. Added a minimap that you can stretch out. Slide two fingers across the screen to throw grenades. Multiple target acquistion system. Drag a targetting box around a group of enemies and then fire on all simultaneously. Definitely useful when you’re outgunned and outnumbered. This is what they could do in just a few short days. You’ll be able to see what else is in store when this version ships later this year.

5:37 DM: Gameloft is up first. One of the largest developers of games for iPhone and iPod touch. Over 60 games on the App Store downloaded over 55 million times. Mark Hickey is going to come up and show off some games.

5:36 DM: We’re going to highlight and feature apps specifically built for iPad. They’re going to put it front and center. Really excited about the possibilities for developers. So just about two weeks ago, they invited a few developers to iPad to Apple to give them a sneak peek and see what they could develop. Inviting a few on stage.

5:35 DM: Develoepers can download today and get going. It even includes an iPad simulator so you can run your iPad apps right on your Mac as you develop them. We thinkit’s going to be a whole new gold rush for developers. And of course, every iPad comes with App Store loaded up on it.

5:35 DM: If developer spends some time modifying, they can take full advantage of the large touch-screen display. This is what Apple did with its own apps, like Music, Photos, etc. So, to that end, they’ve enhanced iPhone SDK to support development for iPad. SDK is being released today at

5:34 DM: Sounds like you can download all your iPhone apps right on to your iPad.

5:34 JS: Huge move by Apple to take advantage of the apps in the app store and get them on this device. It was really a must, and it instantly makes it more valuable.

5:34 DM: Steering with acelerometer. 2X it looks pretty good. Tremendous frames. Having played some games on here, they’re smooth and fun. There you go. Right out of the App Store unmodified.

5:32 DM: ESPN’s XGames SnoCross. Plays a video at the beginning. Video works great on the iPad. Skip the rest of the video and get to the game. Race in Arcade mode. IT’s an OpenGL ES game, so it really drives graphics hardware. Unmodified right off the App Store.

5:32 JS: Good detail on the iPhone compatibility there. There’s an option to run apps at one size or full screen, scaled up. (The screen is definitely not 16×9, it’s closer to the 4:3 used in traditional TVs.) When you run an app on the iPad it can run at iPhone size, with a little bezel around it to indicate you’re emulating an iPhone. Or hit the 2x button and it blows up to double size.

5:32 DM: Here are a number of apps from the store unmodified. Here’s Facebook. Bottom right corner of the screen shows “2x”. Tap on it and it automatically scales up to full screen. It all just works. Facebook uses a lot of text, photos and videos, but what about an app that really drives graphics, like a game?

5:31 DM: Forstall: App Store has been a huge success. Launched a year and a half ago. Customers have already downloaded 3 billion apps choosing from among 140,000 apps. Built the iPad to run virtually every app unmodified right out of the box. Do that in two ways. Pixel-for-pixel accuracy in a black box in the middle of screen or automatically pixel double and run apps full screen.

5:30 DM: We’ve seen some great built-in applications. But now let’s talk about the App Store. Here’s Scott Forstall, SVP iPhone Software.

5:30 DM: Arsenic free, BFR-free, mercury-free, PVC-free, highly recyclable. Now back to software.

5:29 JS: 10 hours of battery life – key if you’re going to sit on your couch with this. Or fly somewhere with it.

5:29 DM: 802.11n WI-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1. Accelerometer & compass, speaker microphone, 30-pin connector. Battery. What is the battery life of this device? 10 hours of battery life. Applause! Take a flight from SF to Tokyo and watch video the whole way on one charge. In addition, over a month of standby life. Set the iPad down, goes to sleep automatically, walk away and come back in a month and it still has a charge.

5:59 JS: That’s the PA Semi chip there, Apple’s own A4 chip.

5:28 JS: People don’t like the iPad name but I think the connotations you’re thinking of will drift away. iPod didn’t mean anything either, but here we are.

5:27 DM: A half inch thin. Weighs just 1.5 pounds. Thinner and lighter than any netbook. 9.7 inch IPS display. Super high quality using IPS technology so you get great angle of view. Full capacitive multi-touch. 1GHz Apple A4 chip (Gruber laughs). Most advanced chip they’ve ever done; processor, graphics, I/O, and everything in one chip. 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of flash solid state storage.

5:27 DM: A little bit of an overview as to what the iPad can do. Watching it is nothing like getting one in your hands. Feeling all of that right underneath your fingertips. Back to the hardware a little bit.

5:27 DB: Events, Faces, Places have been done already. This is the MacBook you’re not afraid to touch. Theoretically. Wonder if he’ll show everyone how many fingerprints he’s left on its glass

5:25 DM: Landscape mode for videos. Movies, TV shows, music videos. Tap on Modern Family, pick an episode and watch it. Or Star Trek, go to Chapters. The aspect ratio is a little weird; there are some pretty big letterbox black bars on top and bottom. Showing off Up. Double-tap to make it full screen if you want. That’s video on the iPad.

5:25 JS: lots of use of tabbed interface with a pane or two. Really kind of a combo of Mac UI philosophy and iPhone UI.

5:24 DM: Video. Go to YouTube. Pick a clip called Wet and Woofy in HD on YouTube. IT’s a surfing dog! R

5:23 DM: Sorry about the time travel!) Here’s our current location in San Francisco. Typing in sushi to search and should find all the sushi places nearby. Tap on a pin. Tap Google street view and it shows you the restaurant. (How many people are going to stalk Steve at Sushi Boat?)

5:23 DB: Napa Valley wineries? Clearly the Barossa, Hunter, Yarra and other valley PR firms have a bit more work to do. Not sure I would want to be holding one of these beautiful, shiny things during the business end of a wine tasting tour though.

5:23 JS: Great calendar. week view, day view, month view, a lot like iCal, but it actually looks nicer…

5:22 JS: This interface is interesting, because unlike the iPhone, it’s got panes and floating windows and lots of stuff that you can do when you’ve got a bunch of screen space.

5: 21 DM: “You get the idea. Isn’t that cool?” Now on to looking at music. The iPod interface looks a lot like the album view in iTunes on the Mac mixed slightly with the Cover Flow view on the phone.

5:19 DM: Events, Faces, and places. Shows a big map with pins in it. Tap and hold on the pin and see all the photos there. Tap on it to open the photos. There are built-in slideshows, so yo can bring up slideshow options and pick your transition. Just starts playing music and then flips through the images.

5:18 DM: Now looking at photos. You can turn in portrait or landscape and flick through the photos, just like on the phone. Grabs metadata from PC or Mac. If you’re on a Mac, you can also get events, faces, and places from iPhoto. Look inside any album just by pinching it open. Scrub through them with a little bar at the bottom.

5:18 JS: Jobs is sitting in the armchair doing all this, to show us how easy this is. He’s typing on the pad while it’s on his lap.

5:17 DM: To send the message, just hit the compose button. He’s typing on it like a standard QWERTY keyboard, just putting the tablet in his lap. I guess that answers the text entry question. Not sure you’d want to type onit for a long time, though.

5:17 DM: He’s showing off the attachments in the e-mail. View wineries in Napa Valley or a Paris metro map. Looks a lot like the iPhone Mai client.

5:16 David Braue: … and the winner is iPad! It always seemed like an obvious choice, and a good one — except for the similarities to that other product. What was it called again?

5:16 JS: New device has to do stuff better than iPhone or laptop. Better at browsing, e-mail, photos, video, music, games, eBooks. Some people think that’s a netbook. The problem is, netbook’s aren’t better than anything. We think we’ve got something that is, and we’d like to show it to you today, and we call it the iPad

5:15 DM: Phenomenal to see a whole web page right in front of you. Way better than a laptop, way better than a smartphone. Turn it up down sideways, automatically adjusts to whatever orientation you want. Holding the Internet in your hands; it’s an incredible experience.

5:15 DM: It’s a slate that looks like a larger iPhone. There’s a home button, an aluminum bezel like a MacBook, a glass screen. Your able to personalize your home screen however you want. You can browse the Web with it — Steve says it’s the best browsing experience you’ve had.

5:14 DM: But Apple thinks it has something that is — it’s called the iPad. And look! Steve Jobs happens to have one on hand!

5:14 DM: Slow, low quality displays, run PC software. They’re not better than a laptop at anything, just cheaper. We don’t think they’re the 3rd device.

5:13 DM: Jobs is talking: Some people have thought this is a netbook, but the problem is netbooks aren’t better an anything.

5: 13 David Braue: IIRC nobody was actually interested in those tablets until things started getting a bit nasty amongst the rabble at the foot of the mountain. They were all busy worshipping the golden tablet, or something like that.

5:12 Liana Pappas: Steve Job on stage… and? Come on that’s teasing

5:10 David Braue: I think the Internet is slowing down to a crawl due to all the interest. Did the orbit of the earth just change ever so slightly? It’s that RDF again, on overdrive this time. Has to be a tablet.

5:05 David Braue: That would be the Reality Distortion Field generator, now in miniature size. I’m sure it’s warmed up and ready to go.

5:02 Philip Michaels: Steve Jobs is now on stage.

5:01 Liana Pappas: Small circular white table… big enough to fit a tablet

4:55 Jason Snell: There’s a leather easy chair on stage, with a small circular white table next to it with something on it….

4:50 Jason Snell: Lots of Bob Dylan playing before the event.

4:50 David Braue: You’d think the workmen would have cleaned up after themselves for such an important event.

4:50 Jason Snell: Room has three large canvases on either side, with paint splatters and two Apple logos.

4:49 Dan Moren: Right now we’re playing ‘I Spy’ with celebs.

4:48 Jason Snell: Lots of tech journalists and celebs here.

4:45 Dan Moren: It’s a packed house here. I felt like a salmon swimming upstream on my way in.

4:43  Jason Snell: Hello everyone! We’re reporting live from the Yerba Buena Center for the Performing Arts in San Francisco.

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