5.01: Thanks for reading our live blog this morning! There's a lot in today's announcement to process - heaps of new iOS 5 features, the iCloud and Lion! Keep reading M">

Apple WWDC Live: iOS 5, OS X Lion, iCloud and…

Tim Grey
7 June, 2011
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5.01: Thanks for reading our live blog this morning! There’s a lot in today’s announcement to process – heaps of new iOS 5 features, the iCloud and Lion! Keep reading Macworld Australia (when you wake up again) for more details about this morning’s announcements.

4.55: And that’s it! No iPhones! I repeat, No iPhones!

4.54: But wait! Users who have ripped their CD’s themselves can now sync their devices either over cable or Wi-Fi, OR they can use a new service called iTunes Match!

iTunes Match lets you leverage the 18 million songs stored on iTunes and keep them on the cloud. Songs that aren’t part of the iTunes store can simply be uploaded to the cloud. The service costs US$25 a year and Apple upgrades songs to 256kbps.

Jobs says it’s an industry-leading model. “If you don’t think we’re serious about this, you’re wrong.”

4.53: There’s up to 5GB of free storage for Mail, Documents and Backup, while Photo Stream, purchased music, apps and iBooks are excluded from the quota.

4.51: And, it’s all free. Jobs says “We want every user to take advantage of these.”

Songs will be high-quality, 256kbps AAC, and you can download on up to ten devices.

4.43: And finally: iTunes in the cloud. Steve Jobs says. “You know, it’s the same old story. I buy something on my iPhone and it’s not on my other devices.” For already-purchased songs, there’ll now be a ‘purchased’ button that shows your entire history of tracks bought on any one device. You can download to any device an album that you’ve bought on another.

Steve says: “This is the first time we’ve seen this in the music industry. There’s no charge for multiple downloads on many devices.”

4.42: Photo Stream will store the last 1000 images on the iCloud servers for 30 days, and the ones that need to be kept have to be moved to an album.

4.41: iCloud will even be integrated into your Apple TV.

4.39: Still no word on how this is all going to happen, though – is this going to chew up 3G bandwidth, or will it just happen over Wi-Fi?

4.38: Photos you take on your iPhone will automatically be uploaded to the cloud and made available on your iPad or Mac. This is all built into the app, so there’s nothing new to learn.

4.35: Documents are moving to the cloud. If you’re writing a document in Pages, Numbers or Keynote, it’ll automatically be saved to your iCloud account, and will be available over any of your devices. The updates to these apps released last week already have this feature.

4.33: There’s wireless backup added to the cloud, so all purchased music, apps, books, photos, device settings are all saved to Apple’s cloud.

4.30: I can see the word ‘Free’ !

4.28: As an example: when you make a new contact on your iPhone, it’s automatically stored in the cloud. “The truth is on the cloud.” And then it’s automatically pushed down to other devices. Just update a contact on your iPhone and it automatically updates everywhere, wirelessly, automatically. It also works the same way with calendars. Make a new calendar event, it’s stored in the cloud, and it’s pushed to other devices.

4.26: iCloud stores content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes to all devices. Completely integrated with all apps, where everything happens automatically, without having to learn anything new.

Jobs says “You might ask: why should I believe them? They’re the ones that brought me MobileMe. It wasn’t our finest hour. But we learned a lot”

4.24: The digital hub is moving to the cloud! “”We’ve got a great solution for this problem. And we think this solution is our next big insight. We’re going to demote the PC/Mac to be just another device.”"

4.23: Jobs says that 10 years ago, Apple had one of its most important insights – the PC was going to become the hub of digital life, storing photos, video and music. But now, if you want to access content, you want it across all your devices.

4.22: Steve’s back! He says “You like everything so far? Good. I’ll try not to blow it.”

4.20: iOS 5 expected in September/October for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, third- and fourth-generation iPod touch.

4.18: And, you can Wi-Fi sync to iTunes!

4.16: iMessage! A messaging app for ALL iOS devices! Send SMS to between iOS users, via either 3G or Wi-Fi!

4.15: Game centre is apparently being improved: photos with profiles, ability to purchase games directly through the games centre, added support for turn-based games.

4.13: PC FREE! Here’s a big one! We’re living in the Post-PC world – people don’t have to own a computer to run their iPad or iPhone. You can set-up and activate right over the device. Software updates will be delivered over the air over ‘dramatically smaller files.’

4.11: Mail in iOS 5 gets rich formatting. Italics, bold, underline are all coming to the iPhone and iPad. That’s a big relief. There’s also more support for enterprise customers, with S/MIME support. They’ve also brought in the built-in dictionary from iBooks to the entire system.

4.08: There’s also a feature to lock auto-exposure by dragging you finger over the screen while using the camera app! Pinch to zoom and an optional grid overlay to compose in rule of thirds. Built-in editing features, like crop, rotate and red-eye reduction.

4.06: Double clicking the home button on iOS 5 will bring up the camera app, allowing you to take photos instantly! AND FINALLY! You can use the volume up button to take a picture!

4.03: New feature for iOS 5: Reminders! Searchable to-do lists that allow you to add locations that will remind you to do something when you’re actually in that place.

4.01: Full tabbed browsing for Safari on iOS. Lightning fast switching between tabs, apparently.

4.00: Safari gets a slew of updates. A new feature called Safari Reader brings the article into one page and lets you email the content. Reading list lets you save a story on all your iOS devices and also adds it to your desktop Safari browser for both Mac and Windows.

3.58: Twitter! And the crowd goes wiiiild! People send over a billion tweets every week. Now, you can login over the settings, is integrated with camera and photos so you can automatically post your shots! You can optionally add location if you choose. You can also tweet articles and sites from Safari, videos from YouTube, businesses and locations from maps. There’s @username integration into your contact list, too.

3.53: Newstand! What the what? Apple has released its own iOS newsagency for magazines and newspapers, which is just massive news. It’ll allow you to download in the background, and if you’re subscribed to a mag it’ll automatically download overnight.

3.49: New features for iOS 5 number upwards of 200. The first unveiled by Apple is notifications for audio, badges and alerts.Currently, notifications interrupt you, and the list on the lock screen disappears once you swipe, with no way to get back to it. Notifications is a single place that combines all the updates, and you won’t be interrupted when you’re doing something. Here’s a pic:


: A graph. We like these.

3.45: Apple has sold more than 5 million iPads in the last three months, taking their entire sales up to 24.4 million.

3.44: More than 14 Billion Apps have been downloaded from the app store. More than 425,000 apps are presently available on the store, 90,000 of which were made specifically for iPad.

3.43: iBookstore, launched just over a year ago, already has all six major publishers signed up and customers downloaded over 130 million books.

3.42: Scott Forstall says “The size and momentum of the App Store is hard to fathom. More than 425,000 apps on the App Store and more than 90,000 of them were made specifically for the iPad.”

3.41: And we’re onto iOS 5. Apple has sold over 200 million iOS devices, which makes it the number one mobile operating system, with more than 44 percent of the mobile installed base.

3.39: And, they’re only charging US$29.99 for it… goodness gracious. Available to consumers in July.

3.37: Boom! Lion will only be available via the Mac App Store! A 4GB download, installs in place and works on all your authorised Macs.

3.32: Mail has a brand-new interface, with two- or three-column that’s really been optimised for reading mail. It prompts you to select people or subjects through search suggestions, shows conversation views.You can drag a whole conversation to file it away…

3.28: Airdrop! An easy way to move files between two computers, a peer-to-peer Wi-Fi based network. It’s in the sources in the finder, and allows you to see who’s running the service around you. Others using it get a request they can either request of decline. That’s pretty awesome.

3.25: Autosave (called Resume): Lion can automatically save in the background without you having to do anything or see anything. The name of your document appears in a menu, if you click on it and you can revert to last opened to get back to where you were. Autosave handles all the versions of a document as you’re working, which you access through a time-machine-like interface. That’s pretty cool.

3.22: Launchpad allows users to simply pinch the trackpad, and all your apps fly onto the screen. (Looks like iPhone Home screen). You can have multiple screens, and new apps bought from Mac App Store show up in your Launchpad. You can rearrange them or create folders.

3.21: Multiple desktops are supported by clicking on the top right of the screen, and you can drag windows and entire apps into a new space.


3.19: No scroll bars anymore! You don’t need em, apparently!

3.17: Full screen apps are coming to Lion, along with a new feature called ‘Mission Control,’ that, with a simple gesture, brings up a bird’s-eye view of everything on your system, like Expose and Spaces all together.

3.15: Nah, they’re just going through 10. The first, being multi-touch features: “The existence of the Magic Trackpad, plus its place a standard option on the iMac, shows just how much Apple believes multi-touch is a vital part of the future of the Mac.”  Schiller talks about scrolling, tap to zoom, pinch to zoom, swiping.. “Why do we have scroll bars?” The scroll bars disappear, magically appearing only when you scroll.

3.13: Phil Schiller says there’s 250 new features to OS X Lion, and we’re going to go through every one of those today…

3.11: Schiller quotes John Paczkowski as saying “the Mac is kicking ass.” The last quarter the PC market actually shrank year over year at 1% while the Mac grew 28 percent. The Mac has outgrown the industry every quarter for the past 5 years. It’s because the products are incredible. Mac sales are 73% notebooks, 27% desktops

3.08: “Today, we’re going to talk about software. We’ve got some great stuff to talk about: Lion, iOS 5, and “some kind of interesting new cloud stuff. Phil Schiller and Craig Federighi are going to come up and give us some demos of Lion.”

3.05: Steve Jobs takes the stage to a standing ovation! Someone yells ‘I love you!’ Jobs says: “We’re going to talk about three things today. If the hardware is the brain and the sinew of our products, the software is their soul.”

3.00: A brief silence, the lights dim, and a blare of James Brown’s ‘I Feel Good’ from the speakers. Laughter fromt the assembled!

2.50am: Good evening! Or morning! Hello! People are waiting both patiently and impatiently for Steve Jobs to take the stage at WWDC to present his keynote address. As we’ve seen over the last couple of days, there’s banners for iCloud, iOS 5 and Lion, but if you think that’s all Apple’s got up its sleeve, rest assured there’s plenty of shrouded banners in the foyer….

It may be Stupid O’clock in the morning here in Australia, but in San Francisco it’s almost 10am and you know what that means: Apple CEO Steve Jobs is just about to take the stage to deliver the keynote address at this year’s World Wide Developer Conference. This morning, Macworld Australia’s Editor-in-Chief Dave Bullard will be tweeting live from the floor at WWDC – you can keep up with his tweets by following @AusMacworld and @djbullard – and Deputy Editor Tim Grey will be blogging from here at Macworld Australia HQ.

Very unusually for an Apple event, the company has already given a broad outline of what will be showcased this morning, including OS X Lion, the new Mac operating system that transports many of the iPad’s gestural controls and app functionality; iOS 5, the new platform for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that at this stage, we know next to nothing about; and iCloud, a new service that’s expected to provide a streaming music and video service, perhaps for a subscription fee.

However, the unfamiliar tactic of pre-announcing releases does give rise to the notion that Apple might just be giving fans the old bait-and-switch. Apple has traditionally previewed its next-generation iPhone at the June event, although this year analysts have indicated the iPhone 5 (or even iPhone 4S) is nowhere near ready for release.

In any case, the answers to these questions (and more!) will be unveiled within the next few minutes, so make sure you’re regularly updating this page to keep up with the latest!

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