iPhone 3G S: Are you upgrading?

Phillip Michaels
22 June, 2009
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Earlier this week, our colleagues at Macworld UK polled their readers about iPhone 3GS upgrade plans. And so long as you acknowledge the unscientific nature of online polls—you’re surveying a self-selecting crowd, after all—the results of Macworld UK’s iPhone 3G S paint a pretty interesting picture.

Nearly half of the 2,559 people who responded to the survey—47.9 percent if you want to be painfully accurate—said they planned on sticking with their current iPhone until their service contract expired. The next largest response—19.4 percent—plan to wait until another carrier sells the phone, while 15.9 percent plan to pick up a new phone when the iPhone 3G S goes on sale Friday in the U.K.

It got us thinking about what people might be planning to do on this side of the Pacific. After all, the iPhone 3G S went on sale Friday in the U.S., too. (In fact, the phone also went on sale in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland last week and will debut in six more countries, including Australia, next week.)

So how about it? Are you planning to get a new iPhone, and how soon are you planning to get it? That question goes for first-time buyers as well as current customers. And if you’ve already got an iPhone and are planning to upgrade, let us know if you’re moving up from the original model or the iPhone 3G. We’d also love to know which carrier’s plans you find most appealing at this point, and why?

We eagerly await your feedback in the AMW Forums.

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