Siri, why don’t you understand me?

Macworld Australia Staff
9 June, 2012
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Apple’s intelligent assistant Siri has been a helpful tool for many iPhone 4S users. However ‘she’ has had experienced hiccups trying to make sense of some user requests.

When Apple first gave us Siri, I personally though it was a bit of a novelty and can count on one hand the number of times I’ve used the service.

Ever wondered how many people actually use the personal voice assistant, and if they are satisfied with how it performs?

This infographic sheds light on what 4S users really think about all things Siri.

Siri, why don’t you understand me?
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  1. Adam - @iSplatts says:

    Since getting a 4S, I have used Siri a fair bit. I have dictated messages (iM, SMS and Email), scheduled meetings, set reminders (geofenced or standard) and more (and yes, that “more” includes music control). I use it at least 8 – 12 times a week.
    With my iPhone 4, I used about 20 – 50 MB of my data allowance a month.
    With my iPhone 4S, I use about 20 – 50 MB of my data allowance a month.
    The only reason I would see an increase (and this is tested) in data usage is because the 4S is faster (something to do with the DC-HSDPA over standard HSPA or HSPA+) at getting me online and looking at twitter, websites et al. I have noticed no recognisable “over-use” due to Siri.

    N.B. just because I DO use Siri, doesn’t mean I don’t understand why some people don’t. It’s a horses for courses feature. If you don’t have a use for it, don’t use it. If you do, use it :P

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