iLine and iKlip – iLike!

Keith White
8 May, 2013
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This time I’m looking at a bundle of goodies from IK Multimedia – iLine, which is a cable set to connect my iOS devices (or any piece of equipment with a 3.5mm socket) to the outside world and two versions of iKlip 2, which attaches my iPad to a microphone stand.

First, the cable kit. Six high quality cables with a 3.5mm stereo male connector at one end and various male/female connectors at the other.

1. This outputs to a 6.35mm mono female connector. Then I’ll use a standard guitar cable to connect to an amplifier or PA system.

2. An extension cable terminating in a 3.5mm female connector, which gives me more room for a connected microphone or headset.

3. This cable terminates in a 3.5 mm male stereo jack for input into a 3.5 mm female stereo jack. I’m using it to connect to my iRig Stomp.

4. Outputting to two 3.5mm stereo female jacks, this cable allows two people to listen to the same signal (if you’ve got two sets of headphones).

5. This one ends with two mono male RCA jacks for connection to my stereo system.

6. This one has two 6.35mm female jacks that accept standard signal cables for connection to the L/R inputs on my mixer.

These really are high quality cables with 24K gold-plated connectors, copper conductors and high-density shielding. They have been carefully thought out to cover most connections and come with a handy Velcro bag to keep them all together.

Each connector is colour-coded to indicate stereo, mono/left, mono/right or stereo with input as in cable number two. There’s also a free app that walks me through the process using high quality graphics. It’s really simple and works like this: 1. I choose my device. 2. I choose the device I want to connect to and I’m shown which cable(s) will do the job. 3. Make my choice of cable and I’m taken to the Buy Now screen, which also gives more information on the particular cable. It’s cheaper to buy the iLine set at $79.95 than individually.

And now for the iKlip 2. Out of the box and firmly secured to my microphone stand in a couple of minutes this is a really smart piece of hardware. A ball joint system means I can tilt and rotate my iPad to any position. Made from thermoplastic with specially designed touch points, the iKlip 2 holds my iPad securely without any danger of scratching. I also have full access to my iPad screen and all controls. For my set-up, I use the vertical part of my microphone stand, but the iKlip 2 could just as easily be attached to the boom. Or to any tubular structure up to 30mm in diameter.

I’m using it with a couple of guitar modelling apps, including my backing tracks for rehearsal and live gigs. It would be equally useful for musicians playing from scoring apps, for vocalists or for app-based DJs.

The iKlip 2 holds any iPad except the very first model. Apart from size, the iPad mini version is identical.

Either model will set you back $49.95.


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