I think this Int-ee-net thing might be big, after all

1 April, 2009
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So there I was, watching tele the other day, and the missus said “Hey Bob, come check out what I bought on ee-bay.” I had no idea what she was prattling on about, but since it was the commercial break anyways, I got up out of the armchair and walked into the other room, where she was smiling like the cat that just got the hen.

She was pointing to this small television-looking black and alumin-ee-um thing with a picture of an apple on the front. And she was smiling, showing me a picture of this darling little tea set and saying that she bought it from some guy way up in Taree for just seventeen dollars and he was going to send it to us in a few days.

Now, I’ve never been able to figure out just what she does in there all day on that there Int-ee-net and com-puter thing, but it was a mighty fine tea set. So I told her so. And she showed me some other things she was trying to buy, and started talking about auctions and something called pay-pel and em-ess-in and all sorts of other stuff. And after a while she stopped making sense, and I realised I was just nodding along but really didn’t know what she was on about.

“I just LOVE the Internet,” she said. “You should try it one day. You’d be amazed at what you can find out online.”
I smiled and nodded, right lovely-like, but that technical stuff has never been my cup of tea. But then she said something that caught my attention.

“Bob,” she said, “you’re gonna love this. You just click here, then here, then type this in here, click and drag over here, double-click here and scroll down here. And you can get the TV listings for the entire week.”

Now you’re talking, darling, I thought, and I leaned in. And what do you know, there they were – the listings for all the shows I was going to watch for the rest of the night. And I didn’t even know that Ten was showing a rerun of MacGyver at 11:35!

You know, I think this Int-ee-net thing might be big, after all.

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