Hands-on with JamUp Pro

Keith White
23 May, 2012
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Positive Grid’s JamUp Pro is a new multi-effect guitar processor for the iOS family. Like other similar guitar apps it provides the user with a choice of amplifiers and effect pedals or stomp boxes, all fully customisable via realistic control knobs.

Under the Amp/FX setting you get a choice of six classic amplifiers based on Fender, Vox, Marshall and Mesa/Boogie. You can add up to six effects in a chain displayed in the top third of the screen.

Drag to reposition the amp and effects in the chain. Tap the amp or the effect and the lower part of the screen gives you an image of the device’s controls. These images are roughed up a little so you feel like you just could be a muso who’s been working hard on the road. Neat.

Double-tap on the amp and you get a choice of five others. Double-tap an effect and you have a choice of a number of alternatives. For example double-tapping on the Stomp icon opens up a choice of four distortion alternatives. Double-tap the Mod (for modulate) icon and you can choose between chorus, tremolo, flanger and phaser.

When choosing an amp or an effect you will notice additional choices greyed out. These can be added as in-app purchases to take you towards a total of 17 amplifiers and 30 effects.

JamUp Pro comes with 16 inbuilt presets which you can use as is, or modify and rename to suit your tastes. It only took me a few minutes to come up with three quite different amp/effect combinations that I can use in my live gigs.

The Jam function loads in songs from your iTunes library for you to play along with. You can vary the speed without altering the pitch or the pitch without altering the speed.

There is a chromatic tuner built-in which is accurate enough but seemed to respond rather slowly compared to other iOS tuners I have used. There is also a phrase sampler which boasts a wide range of features. As I’m not really into sampling I let this go for now. Maybe later.

The app comes paired with the light plastic JamUp Plug to get your guitar in and your sound out. It fits very snugly into the audio port and produces nice, clean sound. But if you have any of the other common iOS guitar adaptors (Apogee, IK Multimedia, Griffin, etc) they will work just fine.

A nice feature is the positioning of the input/ output sockets on the bottom, not the side, as with some other adaptors. It’s much neater and you don’t have heavy leads trying to pull your iPad off its stand.

The amps and effects give a wide range of realistic, finely customisable sounds across a broad spectrum of industry favourites. Suitable for bedroom musicians or professionals, JamUp Pro opens up a huge world of guitar sounds through an elegant interface design which reinforces the tribute to industry classics. There’s a useful range of options for bass players, too.

And there’s a free version with one amp and four FX. It’s otherwise identical to the Pro version and will give you a good idea of what JamUp is all about.

Positive Grid JamUp Pro $10.49 from the iTunes App Store

Positive Grid JamUp Plug US$39.95 RRP (US$19.97 + shipping from amazon.com)

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