Hands on with JamUp Pro 2.4

Keith White
2 July, 2013
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It’s been over a year since I took my first look at JamUp Pro iOS guitar and bass amp + effects app. I was pretty impressed with it then to such an extent that I am using it at my solo gigs. As well as a stunningly realistic array of classic amplifiers and effect pedals it also has a nice JAM feature which calls up any of my backing tracks directly from my iTunes library. If the party is dragging a bit I can speed things up a little without altering the pitch. If I’m at a quiet gig I can use the Pitch function to drop down a semitone or two so I don’t need to push the higher vocal ranges. Again, everything stays perfectly in tune and tempo.

And a great app has got even better with the release of version JamUp Pro XT 2.4. One of the main additions is a set of six signature amplifiers and six effect pedals from metal masters Jeff Loomis, Ola Englund and Keith Merrow. The amp models are the Loomis Metal and 120, the Merrow Fire and 5153, which offer a variety of screaming tones and infinite sustain. The Englund models are the Ola Peace (clean sound) and the Ola War (not!) The effect pedals include two distortion, one EQ, one chorus, one delay and one noise gate, all as used by the masters of metal. The Metal Signature Pack will set you back $10.49 as an in-app purchase. I must confess I don’t have much use for metallic sounds in my gigs but I really enjoyed the experience of trying something different. I think metalheads will be mightily impressed.

For those of you who prefer to make music a couple of octaves lower there’s now a Bass Expansion Pack also at $10.49 in-app which offers four classic bass amps and two stomp boxes.

A new Share function gives me access to a huge online collection of presets any of which I can download into my library. Each preset has an amp with set tone and volume and a chain of up to six effects also with settings in place. Of course, I can customise these in any way to suit my needs. For example repositioning an effect in the chain can produce quite different results, which means that the permutations are virtually endless. Positive Grid claim there are already 5000 presets to choose from. I downloaded a handful and found that they pretty well matched their descriptions. It also gave me a window into how other guitarists are using the app.

To handle this burgeoning preset choice the latest version of JamUp Pro XT has a Live view which gives me full screen access to my library which has now been expanded to 128 presets. I don’t think it will take long to fill and I can overwrite if necessary.

Version 2.4 still has the metronome and tuner. There’s a loop sampler built-in and also an eight-track recorder which will set you back $5.49

Even though I’ve been using JamUp Pro for over a year now I feel I’m still scratching the surface. I love the incredible range of sounds I can achieve from my Fender Strat from crisp rhythm tones through to ringing chorus and buzzy overdrive. At $10.49 from the App Store it’s a steal.

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