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Keith White
22 September, 2013
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I’ve just been having some fun with the iRig PRO, the new all-in-one audio/MIDI interface from IK Multimedia.

The sleek black oblong cube fits easily into the palm of my hand and feels light but quite solid. The unit ships with three connector cables, USB, 30-pin and Lightning so you I connect to my Mac or iOS devices both ancient and modern. These cables connect to a mini DIN connector on the head of the unit.

There’s also a 2.5 mm jack to MIDI cable which connects to the left-hand side of the unit through to the MIDI output of a keyboard or controller. I personally don’t use MIDI any more for input but I know lots of people who’ll find this feature very handy.

I can connect my guitar, or bass or in fact any other line-level source to the instrument input on the iRig PRO using a standard unbalanced (mono) guitar cable. It won’t work with a balanced (stereo) cable. This input also accepts XLR connected microphones. To get the best sound use balanced XLR to XLR cables. All kinds of microphone are catered for, dynamic, condenser and ribbon. Because most condenser microphones need phantom power all I have to do is insert the supplied 9V battery and flick the 48V switch on the side of the iRig PRO.For all other functions the battery is not needed because the unit draws power from the host device.

There are two LEDs on the face of the unit. The upper indicates MIDI and phantom power status. The lower confirms successful connection and tells me if I’m driving it too low or too high. All this is controlled with a shiny silver rotary gain control.

I’ve been using the iRig HD guitar input with my iPad in recent months and have been extremely pleased with the high quality sounds I can get, so I was pretty keen to see how the iRig PRO matched up. Well, to my ears I can’t tell the difference. Both units give me high-quality guitar sounds across the whole spectrum of amplifiers and effects in guitar modelling programs like Amplitube, Fender and JamUp Pro.

For the microphone side of things I plugged in my ancient AKG and booted up the VocaLive vocal processing suite on my iPad. Once again I got nice clean sound and faithful reproduction of applied effects.

The iRig PRO purchase deal includes FREE ( aka Lite) versions of VocaLive, Amplitube, Sample Tank and iGrand Piano all of which you can expand with in-app purchases.

For musicians on the move who need to have all bases covered the iRig PRO will do it for you. Practise, play or record all at the highest quality. Proprietary preamp design and 24-bit audio to digital conversion makes sure that your output quality matches your input.  The folks at IK Multimedia  just keep ‘em coming!

iRig PRO  RRP $219.95 Inc GST

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  1. Mauro Catellani says:

    Did you test IRig Pro with JamUp and Garage Band? Does it work flawlessly?

    thank you!

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