Getting excited about iOS 6

Danny Gorog
27 August, 2012
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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you’ll know that the latest big release of iOS, the operating system that services all iPhones and iPads, is due for a big upgrade in the next couple of months.

If history is any guide, iOS 6 will be available at the same time that Apple refreshes the iPhone, likely in September or October.

But at WWDC Apple made an early beta version available to developers, and added a page to its website outlining some of the features that we can expect in iOS 6.

At a high level, iOS 6 consolidates the lead that Apple has in the mobile space, and makes it harder for competitors to catch up.

Apple claims 200 new features are in iOS 6 but, as normal, has only highlighted a few of them. I’ve provided an outline below of the important ones, and some of the smaller ones I think will make a big impact.


There’s still no development API for Siri (which means developers can’t write apps that work with it) but Siri is a lot smarter than before. As well as being able to answer questions about sports and movies (these features are still unconfirmed for the Australian market), Siri can now launch apps so you can say ‘Open Facebook’ and Siri will start the Facebook app.

Siri can also post directly to Facebook and Twitter, something that’s clearly important to do hands-free.


Just like iOS 5 included tight Twitter integration, iOS 6 includes tight Facebook integration. Now that Facebook is a system-wide setting you’ll only need to log in once, a big time saver. Facebook integration also means you’ll be able to post things to your Facebook wall from many apps, including the built-in Photos app.


At first Passbook looks like an innocent little app that lets you bring together all of your tickets and passes in a simple app. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see Passbook do more than hold your tickets and passes in the future, especially if Apple chooses to add NFC technology to future iOS devices. If that’s the case, Passbook might just be your next wallet.


In the quest to own all the core technology in iOS Apple has been buying various mapping companies over the past few years. All of these acquisitions have resulted in the new Maps app in iOS 6.

The app works in a similar manner to the existing Maps app but relies on Apple’s mapping tiles, which have a very different look and feel to Google’s mapping tiles. In addition, Apple has built-in turn-by-turn navigation, so Siri will actually talk

to you and explain how to get to your destination. Look out for a full review of Maps in the next couple of months.


FaceTime is a feature I have used more than I originally expected but I’m still frustrated that I can’t use it when I’m out and about, away from a Wi-Fi network. In iOS 6 that restriction has been dropped, so you’ll be able to use FaceTime anywhere, anytime. This is an important feature, but just make sure you’ve got an adequate 3G data plan.


If you’ve ever wanted to save a webpage for reading later than you’ll love the new offline reader mode in Safari. Simply add the page to your reading list and Safari will automatically download the article and make it available offline.

Perfect for when you jump on a plane and want to continue surfing.

There are already third-party apps that let you do this, like Instapaper, but with full integration through Safari this will be a must-have feature.


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  1. udi says:

    nothing really new in ios 6 then.

  2. Phillip Molly Malone says:

    So is this version of iOS codenamed Ice Cream Sandwich? ;-)

  3. Kevin Hawke Andros says:

    Lots of exciting new features coming for iPhone users! I can’t wait till it’s out! Apple is perfectionist, their design (similar with their hardware) is beautiful and delightful to use as always – which I can’t say the same with Android. Android OS always feels like Beta forever – half baked half raw.

  4. Jimbo says:

    Pity, no Turn-by-Turn Navigation in iOS6 for Australia… at least at launch.

    Also my understanding is that Facetime over 3G, whilst can be supported, is still set by the carrier, like Personal Hotspot.

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