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Macworld Australia Staff
2 January, 2012
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Ooof! All those second servings and ‘my last one, promise’ treats from Christmas are finally catching up. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not lug this kind of festive ‘baggage’ into the New Year for everyone to see.

So how do you rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, emerging with twelve-pack abs and muscles on top of muscles? I have no idea. And honestly, that’s not an achievable – or desirable – look for most of us mere mortals.

If we are to think of health as overall wellbeing, rather than size or weight, the goal becomes a little clearer.

At its most basic, here’s how to wrangle it: Monitor your intake of food; increase the good stuff like fruit and vegetables. Drink lots of water. And get moving. Oh, and keep track of it all to make sure you’re getting the balance right.

Throw this kind of discipline into the usual mix of work, home and life and what – in theory – seems ‘simple’ is anything but in reality. Plus, it’s downright boring.

The greatest chance you have of regaining a healthier you this summer is to tap into a system that does all the groundwork for you.

Exercise and weight-loss armbands are all the rage at the moment. They’re compact, convenient and non-restrictive. The only problem is that most of these products focus on just one aspect of health; they don’t offer a system that paints a complete and accurate picture of diet, exercise and general wellbeing.

I’ve recently been introduced to a product that I think is worth sharing – it’s a tool I’ve begun to use myself and I’m impressed, to say the least.


Black & Stone

RRP: $329 (includes armband, wearable display and three-month free access to the Activity Manager)

The BodyMedia FIT is a multi-sensor body monitor that provides you with a complete but simplified tracking system to help monitor your current health status, set goals and make changes.

Using four sensors, the armband captures over 5000 data points per minute – from heat, sweat and steps taken. The device also detects different types of exercise; for example, a hike up a steep incline as opposed to a stroll on a flat stretch of pavement.

The FIT sensors track the speed, resistance and duration variables of an activity to provide an accurate output of data. You then plug the device into your Mac’s USB port to upload the information. You’ll also need to add your daily food consumption and sleep patterns, either on your Mac or using the BodyMedia FIT app for iOS (free from the App Store) or Android.

The FIT’s Activity Manager takes this data and compiles a running report of your progress, including information on activity, sleep efficiency and a nutritional analysis. It’ll also act as cheerleader, recognising any personal bests you may have racked up along the way. Note, you’ll get three-months free access to the Activity Manager – following this you will need to pay a subscription fee.

What I like about this product is that it handles all aspects of health using one system. It takes the guesswork and the anxiety out of trying to manage all the components that contribute to a healthy life.

This is a gadget that is great for people who want to make the right choices but don’t know where to start. For me, being a diabetic, health and wellbeing is a daily equation that can be difficult to understand, let alone solve. Having a little arm companion like this makes the journey easier to bear.

The ultimate antidote to too much turkey and all its trimmings!



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