Everything we know about the upcoming Steve Jobs movie

Susie Ochs
5 November, 2014
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Steve Jobs, apple, biopic, macworld australiaOh, geez. Everything we thought we knew about the next Steve Jobs biopic is turning out to be wrong, more wrong than an iPod with an HP logo on the back. Recently, we passed on reports that Christian Bale had been cast as Steve Jobs himself, and Seth Rogen had been tapped to play Steve Wozniak, in the upcoming Sony film directed by Danny Boyle and written by Aaron Sorkin, based on Walter Issacson’s authorised biography.


On Monday, The Hollywood Reporter posted an exclusive claiming that Christian Bale has pulled out, “after much deliberation and conflicting feelings,” after deciding he wasn’t right for the part. Now that Bale has bailed (sorry), a new lead actor will need to be cast. The Hollywood Reporter article also says that while Seth Rogen is “in discussions” to play Woz, “but no official offer has been made.” On Tuesday, Variety claimed Michael Fassbender is in talks with Sony about the role of Jobs.

So what do we know? Not a lot (seriously, this thing doesn’t even have a title just yet), but as details emerge, we will keep updating this story with the new information.

What’s the Steve Jobs movie? Didn’t that already happen?

Yes (and yes) and no. Last winter, Ashton Kutcher starred as Steve Jobs in Jobs, but it wasn’t well received. The formulaic biography provided next to no insight about Steve or Apple – it was a story we already knew, with some characters left out or turned into jerks for no reason.

He didn’t look as Jobs-like as Ashton Kutcher, but Noah Wylie was good in Pirates of Silicon Valley, which was a much better movie than Jobs.


And that wasn’t even the first time the legend of Steve Jobs played out on the silver screen – the excellent Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) featured ER’s Noah Wylie as Steve Jobs and The Breakfast Club’s Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates, telling the story of both Apple’s and Microsoft’s journey from humble beginnings to tech riches.

So this one might be better than Jobs? How come?

Jobs bookIt’s being written by star screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, and Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs is the source material. Since Isaacson’s book is the only authorised biography of Jobs, and Sorkin wrote the excellent movie about Facebook, The Social Network, the hope is he can provide more for the audience to chew on than the very by-the-numbers chronological life story provided by the Jobs movie last year.

The movies will be different structurally. Sorkin told The Daily Beast that the new movie would unfold in three scenes of around half an hour each, with each scene taking place backstage before a major product announcement: the Macintosh in 1984, NeXT Computer in 1988 and the iPod in 2001.

Who’s been cast?

Christian Bale was offered the part – this was even confirmed by Aaron Sorkin himself – but he changed his mind before inking a deal, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A report from Variety claimed that Seth Rogen was set to play Steve Wozniak, but The Hollywood Reporter clarifies that while he’s in talks to play Woz, the deal isn’t finalised just yet.

The list of actors who were reportedly considered to play Jobs includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper. Once two different Batmen have turned you down, maybe go for the villians – Jim Carrey, anyone? The Verge has some great ideas – Meryl FTW.

According to a report in Variety, Sony is talking to Michael Fassbender for the Steve Jobs role. Fassbender recently played such an evil slaveowner in 12 Years a Slave that my friend started to hate the actor himself just a little bit. So that could bode well for his ability to play the notoriously prickly Jobs in what must have been some of the most stressful moments of his career.

Who else is attached?

Danny Boyle is slated to direct. The Oscar-winning English director is known for Slumdog Millionaire, Trainspotting and the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

The Social Network had the same writer (Sorkin) and producer (Rubin) as this new Jobs movie, but it also had a killer cast and David Fincher behind the camera.


David Fincher (who directed The Social Network) was once attached to direct, but Sony reportedly found him too demanding. Scott Rudin, who produced The Social Network, is one of the producers.

When does it come out?

That’s still to be determined – obviously, they can’t start shooting it without a cast. Filming was supposed to take place this summer for a fast turnaround. Maybe they should go with puppets. Puppets fall in line.

What else do you want to know? Sound off in the comments and we’ll keep updating this, in lieu of writing article after article until this movie is finally done.

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