Drama in the stands

Matthew JC. Powell
16 January, 2008
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It was one of those days. There’s a maxim that to err is human, but to really stuff things up you need a computer. Robbie Burns also once said (in my imagination) that "the best-laid plans of mice and men have no chance againt modern technology".

We had planned our coverage of the keynote so well. We had rehearsed, tested and run through. Nothing could go wrong.

Unless, of course, the Optus wireless internet dongle just decided not to work. And there was no WiFi inside the auditorium. Then things might go wrong.

So, unable to convey our coverage live to you via iChat, I’ve been SMSing my comments to Dominic Miller at Niche, who then transcribed them onto the site. If there’s a typo or two in the live coverage, you’ll have to excuse us. And the plan to provide you with Australian pricing during the keynote became problematic, largely because I was madly typing on my BlackBerry when I might otherwise have been getting information. We got it to you the very second we could.

Now I’m in the media centre, and barely able to squeeze enough bandwidth to connect to Niche and give you this. I have to laugh, or I’d cry. We’ve learned a lot of lessons about how to do this live blogging thing this time round. We’ll put them into practice for next time. Maybe next time there’ll also be more of interest to Australian customers.

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