BlackBerry could still surprise, despite Apple’s ascendance

Jon Gold
23 September, 2012
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I’ll admit it upfront – comparing Apple’s iPhone 5 to the current RIM BlackBerry lineup seems a bit unfair, like putting an F-22 up against a World War I-vintage Sopwith Camel.

A quick glance at the comparative hardware statistics is heartburn-inducing reading for BlackBerry fans. The BlackBerry Bold 9930 boasts a 640×480 screen, though pixel density is helped a bit by its sub-3in size. There’s less RAM, storage, a slower processor and no front-facing camera. Unless you’re absolutely wedded to the idea of a physical keyboard – which BlackBerry still does really well – it’s tough to see a reason not to opt for a more modern alternative.

However, the decision may not be as simple as that — despite this apparent inferiority, there are still subtle but important things that BlackBerries are still very good at.

1. BlackBerry OS

Much depends on what happens when BlackBerry OS 10 is released, and while delays aren’t helping public perception of parent company Research In Motion, preliminary indications are that the operating system is much more in line with the current state-of-the-art in the mobile world.

If BlackBerry is able to combine its well-deserved, though lately tarnished, enterprise cred with modern hardware and an updated, user-friendly platform, it could quickly become far more competitive with devices like the iPhone 5.

2. Security

The reason that last year’s BlackBerry outage was such a black eye for already struggling RIM is that the company’s reputation for security was one of the few things setting it apart from the competition.

Fortunately, the firm seems to have realised that, and has stated that it will not abandon its emphasis on security moving forward.

3. Yes, there is a smartphone keyboard

Even though saying so tends to get you branded a fuddy-duddy, the near-total disappearance of the physical keyboard from the smartphone arena is an unfortunate side effect of the quest for ever-sleeker devices. While there have been some Android entries with keyboards — I personally owned the original Motorola Droid for some time, and enjoyed having the option — most have not been nearly as good as the BlackBerry family’s famous Chiclet-style keyboard.

Yes, it’s a minor thing, but it’s still a differentiator – something RIM would do well to keep in mind as it attempts to play catch-up with top Androids and the iPhone.

Even with those subtle advantages, however, it’s tough to see a turnaround in the immediate future for the venerable BlackBerry. Barring a wholesale revolution in hardware and truly prodigious advancements in BB OS 10, it seems as though users will continue to adopt flashier, more capable devices like the iPhone 5.


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  1. kcpek says:

    Yes apple are the one of the biggest phone companies in the world but lets not forget that blackberry and nokia were not so long ago and look how things have changed. i also find it funny how you compare the new iphone to the blackberry bold 9930 and not they’re top spec model bold 9900. i had a iphone 4s last year and ended up selling it to but a bb bold 9900 and dont regret my decision the fact it can hold a signal and always conects to the internet aswel as the battery lasting for more than about 6 hours like the iphone 4s. its all very well having these amazing apps but you usually need a strong stable signal to use them. this is the first time in years i have started hearing negative comments about iphone after a iphone launch and think the tides will start to turn. after the ruling on the samsung case i think people are starting to see what a tyrant type company apple are and are looking for alternatives. but for now i think il stick to my blackberry

  2. Damon says:

    Physical keyboard is a huge bonus, it’s the only reason I stick with my Nokia E61. I would consider a Blackberry with both touch screen and keyboard for sure.

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