Apple responds to Journalists iCloud jack

Stella Rebecca
27 August, 2012
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This week wasn’t a one for both journalists and Apple Corporation. Recently unidentified challengers hacked into the Reuters blogging platform and issued numerous fake news stories. This isn’t the only error but the company also lost control of its Twitter as well. According to the victim, Mat Honan, he stated that on Friday someone from Apple’s iCloud support team accessed his email and Twitter account through serious social engineering. The hacker didn’t just stop here but also ended up wiping the writer’s iPhone, iPad and his Macbook Air.

According to Honan, someone gained access to his iCloud account and then wiped all his Apple devices to get deeper access to his other accounts as well.

Apple’s Response
After Honan reported the attack on his Apple goods through the loophole prevalent in Apple Care, the corporation is now trying to find ways which will help in resetting his account and bring back his passwords to make sure that all his data is fully protected.

According to the victim, Honan, an Apple Care technician was at fault as he hacked into his personal information but Apple says otherwise. According to Apple’s spokesperson Apple takes its customers privacy very seriously and also requires different forms of verification before it resets an Apple customer’s ID and password. In Honan’s case it was different as the attacker had his personal information and hence found it easy to enter his iCloud account. According to Natalie Kerris, Apple’s customer representative this security breach was an issue as Apple’s internal policies weren’t followed clearly. They’ve stated that they are taking measures to fix Honan’s issue and get him his data back. Apple needs to use employee-monitoring software’s to keep its employees under check. Apple hasn’t directly found the person behind this attack but with the help of iphone spy and other monitoring software’s it could easily identify who the attacker was.

Honan is not giving Apple an ease of mind, he’s using any communication portal he can find to show what happened with him. Recently he wrote a long story for Wired, telling them the complete story about his iCloud hack and how he was affected by this breach. He even tried to analyze what the hackers had done in process to hack into his accounts, finally stating that to reset password and account details you need to add someone else’s email address, a billing address and the last four digits of a credit card on file. The AppleCare technician fell into the trap set up by the hackers and the loophole ended up giving every detail the hackers needed to access into.

How to avoid a security breach?
If you don’t want to fall prey to such security problems then make sure you have your data backed up. Cloud services are great, they give you storage space and you don’t need to run after your lost external hard-drives and USB’s but they have their disadvantages as well. If you have a mobile device then sync your data into your computer as well and make sure you don’t fully rely on Cloud services. Apart from this don’t make the mistake of linking your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your email addresses. Honan’s prime mistake was linking all his accounts with one which is how the hackers got into his Twitter. If you have a facebook and Twitter account then use separate email addresses for them or just don’t link the two and finally use an alternative remote wipe product. In case your Cloud data does get hacked make sure you have an external application which would help you wipe the data so nobody can access it.


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