Apple’s TV aspirations change direction

Anthony Caruana
20 May, 2015
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As we’ve reported before, we’re quite certain Apple will be making some significant announcements around its ‘hobby’ platform – the Apple TV.

Apple now has four major platforms in the market: iOS, Mac OS, Watch OS and the Apple TV. Three of those have seen a lot of love over recent years, but the Apple TV has always been the poor relation, relegated to the background while the other platforms hog the spotlight.

Over recent years, largely fuelled by comments Steve Jobs made to his biographer Walter Isaacson, there has been lots of speculation around Apple releasing its own television. However, reports by The Wall Street Journal suggest Apple’s HDTV project has been shelved.

While some may be disappointed by that news we think it’s a good thing.

For most of us, a TV represents a substantial capital investment. Given Apple’s penchant for releasing new hardware iterations every couple of years that add new functions, this could alienate some Apple fans.

On the other hand, an enhanced Apple TV represents a smaller investment for Apple’s fans – one that they may be more likely to repeat every couple of years in order to access new features.

Apple is in the process of creating a fully integrated ecosystem of hardware and software. Back at the turn of the century, Apple saw the Mac as the hub of the home with the iLife applications orbiting around the Mac’s star.

Today, services such as HomeKit and hardware based on iOS and Watch OS tie it all together. An enhanced Apple TV could be the hub of Apple’s vision for the connected home.

We expect a new Apple TV to be more than a media streamer. It will become a control centre for a connected home.

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