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Fleur Doidge
24 January, 2008
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Many of the players in Australia’s Apple environment have stuck it out over long years, through thick and thin. One thing we can assume they all have in common is a passion for the Mac and all who sail with her. The only other thing we can assume is that they’ll all have an opinion, gleaned from their individual, diverse experiences.

Which certainly interests us; we hope it interests you too.

As you’ll know if you’ve read our regular profiles of local companies and innovators in AMW, the people involved with Apple technology are a diverse — albeit sometimes vocal — lot. They provide a valuable and indispensable service. Actually, they often provide many valuable services, from pre- and post-sales support, to stocking accessories, to acting as Apple’s backstop in almost any situation you can care to name.

And not only do we have an abundance of highly talented and dedicated Mac resellers, solution and service providers in Australia, but we have a growing gaggle of innovative independent software developers who have slowly but surely been making their mark all over the world. And some of them do it just for fun.

We’re also particularly excited to have the opportunity to talk to you about some of the things that never make it into the magazine, in previously published sections such as InSight or Re:Seller. When telling a story for print, the necessarily journalistic sifting and selecting of information to fit a certain format, style and other predefined limits to subject matter — coupled with space and timing constraints — mean that sometimes the best and most interesting snippets just have to be left out.

We’re hoping to redress the balance, from time to time, in this monthly blog.

So this won’t be strictly reportage: we’ll leave "just the facts" to other parts of Australian Macworld, avec plaisir. We promise some goss and scuttlebutt on this here web page — when appropriate.

Yes, that’s right — if we hear anything scurrilous or just plain fascinating that isn’t suitable for a news story or profile piece, you may find it here. And we’d like you, dear reader, to engage with the process as well; here’s where we could provide more of a vehicle for some of your views and opinions as well. So tell us what you’ve heard, or what boils your blood, or what thrills you.

See you next month.

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