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Xavier Verhoeven
14 January, 2011
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Today is my last day as online editor of Australian Macworld. Almost a year after beginning here, I’ve made the incredibly tough decision to move on to a role with less of a focus on Macs (I may even be using a PC!) and more of a focus on online marketing and communications.

That means I’m back to being an amateur fanboy, and I’m kind of excited about it. Getting up at 3am for a keynote will be for pure enjoyment once again, rather than just another day at the office.

In my time at AMW, there has been a lot of Apple news. I’ve seen arguably the biggest Apple product launch ever (the iPad), as well as the biggest leak in the company’s history (Gray Powell’s lost iPhone 4 prototype). Then there was antennagate (which really wasn’t an issue once we had the iPhone 4 on our superior networks), lots of Mac updates (including the smallest Mac yet, the 11in MacBook Air), the much-anticipated Apple TV refresh, and (cue sarcasm) the unforgettable addition of The Beatles to iTunes.

But for all that, I’m leaving in a lull. Hopefully it’s the ‘calm before the storm’, and 2011 will be as big as 2010 for Apple, but you wouldn’t know it yet. Sure, the company introduced the Mac App Store last week – which could well be the biggest change to the Mac since OS X – but it did so with little more than a press release. Not even a mention on the homepage. I realise I’m a bit more of a nerd than average, but surely the Mac App Store is more important news than The Beatles coming to iTunes (which took over for days, and still features in a tile on the main page, months later).

Then this week brought news of a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 specially made for Verizon customers in the US. Great! That is, if you’re in the US and AT&T’s coverage is so bad that you need to move what will soon be a superseded network just to get a good signal. (Telstra decommissioned its CDMA network way back in 2008, in favour of its ‘Next G’ offering.)

For the rest of the world, the biggest news here is that the next iteration of iOS 4 will have a few nifty new features. (Though it took the beta release of iOS 4.3 to confirm this – my response from an Apple spokesperson on Wednesday was “we have nothing to announce beyond the Verizon details.”)

And Apple didn’t even feel the need to announce the new phone itself – it was a Verizon press conference in New York where all the rumours were proven correct.

I have faith, however, that all this apparent playing down of big news and keeping things low key is a sign that there are big things to come. There’s almost certainly a new iPad just around the corner, and the MacBook Pros need an update after the MacBook Air’s facelift.

So I am once again going to be seeing the news as a regular punter, leaving the reporting to my replacement Tim Grey, whose name you may have already seen popping up around the place.

Equally, I’ll leave him to get all the usual ‘no comment’ emails from the good folks at Apple.

[You can still find me on Twitter, and I'll probably still pop up every now and again around these parts.]


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  1. Gary McArthur says:

    Well, that news is out of left field! We’ll be sorry to see you leave Xavier. I’ve always enjoyed the way in which you’ve handled your role, a new standard has been set.

    All the best in your new life as an amateur fanboy! (Pity about the possible use of “those” machines on the Dark Side!)

    Cheers, Gazza

  2. Rach says:

    Good luck Xavier, you might need it whilst working on a PC :)

  3. TLCAUS says:

    Good luck Xavier, its not going to be the same without you around here, but I know you are leaving to chase bigger dreams and challenges, which is always a good reason, to move on.

    Good luck with your endeavours

  4. James says:

    Bye Xavier! It’s been a pleasure working with you.

  5. Jamie Lee Bones says:

    ohhhh his eyes are so dreamy :-( I’m going to miss his prose. XOXOX

  6. Xenophos says:

    Cheers Xv, you’ve done a stirling job. Sorry to see you go.

  7. bornstein75 says:

    Hey Xavier… So sorry to hear you are leaving. I really enjoyed your blogs and your active involvement in this community. All the best for the future. Brian

  8. Fanboy Fanboy says:

    Good luck, you big moffin!

  9. Megan says:

    Goodbye – wishing you all the best!

    And enjoy being an amateur fanboy again!

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