47 Things to do with a non-recyclable iMac

Alex Kidman
21 October, 2007
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When Steve Jobs announced the shiny new Core 2 Duo iMacs, he made special mention of how recyclable its components were. That’s great for the environment in five years time when these iMacs get recycled, but what are we to do with all those older, less recyclable models?

1. Fill your pool with Bondi Blue iMacs. You’ll save water, although your lap times may suffer.
2. Arrange a shell formation of G4 iMacs in the form of a horse, and present it to Microsoft as a gift.
3. Use your Trojan iMac to listen to Microsoft’s future plans.
4. Try very hard not to fall asleep listening to Microsoft’s future plans.
5. Ship your Trojan iMac to Apple, where you’ll be able to hear all of Steve’s future plans, such as the incredible **THIS ENTRY DELETED BY ORDER OF APPLE’S ARMY OF IRRITABLE LAWYERS**.
6. Use an upside-down G4 iMac as a boat anchor. Remember to scrape out the mercury first, though.
7. Set up a motorised array of G4 iMacs as a rudimentary propeller…
8. … which you’ll need when your badly cleaned G4 iAnchor poisons all the fish and you need to make a speedy getaway.
9. Keep a Flower Power G3 iMac around to remind your descendants of the sixties, even if you were in fact born in 1983.
10. Use a combination of 50 G3, G4 and G5 iMacs to build iVoltron and conquer the world.
11. Realise you’ve got no idea how to power iVoltron, and use him as a decorative statue instead.
12. Donate to a local public school.
13. Give it away on Freecycle.
14. Sell it on eBay (popular).
15. Sell it on eBay for a profit (popular, but unlikely).
16. Sell it on eBay for a minor loss (popular, most likely).
17. Sell it on eBay to a Nigerian scam artist (less popular).
18. Ship iVoltron (postage due) to your Nigerian scam artist as an act of revenge.
19. Put your eBay proceeds towards a new iMac.
20. A G3 iMac makes a great doorstop …
21. … or a low-powered home server …
22. … or give it to the kids to finger-paint.
23. Stand on it to make yourself taller.
24. Give it to a shy friend to hide behind.
25. Install a rudimentary Eliza-style AI on a Sage G3 iMac, and then consult it for all your major life decisions …
26. … such as what to do with your old iMac, for example.
27. Use a stack of coloured G3 iMacs to create other statues …
28. … such as the Abominable Snow iMan. Or the Grapes of Wrath. Or the Sydney Opera House, but colourful.
29. Hack your iMac (any style) into a cheaper (albeit bigger) Apple TV.
30. Two iMac Hockey puck mice tied together = instant nunchakus.
31. Or two hockey pucks, for that matter.
32. Just don’t try to use them as mice. It’s clear they were never designed as such.
33. A can of silver spray paint turns a recent model into a new model iMac —
at least aesthetically.
34. Two G4 iMac screens + Steam = inexpensive trouser press. Well, stubbies press, at least.
35. Race a Ruby G3 iMac down the hill, in the style of cheese wheel races. Edam, in this case.
36. Use it as a spare box to teach yourself Linux.
37. Take it to bed for a snuggle. Be warned: certain activities may void your AppleCare Warranty or render you sterile.
38. Bolt it to the fridge in lieu of post-it-notes.
39. Use a G5/Core Duo iMac as a home security system.
40. Keep a big polished thigh-bone handy in case your home security iMac goes all HAL on you.
41. Weld the monitor arms on two G4s shut, and use them as dumbbells.
42. Take it apart to see how it all works.
43. Challenge yourself. Try to put it back together again.
44. Use a spare iMac, hollowed out, for all the parts that don’t fit back in when you try to put it back together.
45. Give it to an elderly relative as a simple digital photo frame.
46. Two eMacs+specialsauce+lettuce +cheese+pickles+onionsonasesameseedbun = "Big Mac". Might be copyrighted by some clown.
47. Keep it. It’s a perfectly good Mac, after all.

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  1. ap says:

    And gut your g3/g4 tower and make it into a nice desk tidy, and mini cupboard for all the electrical tat lying about….or in my case plastic bag collection

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