Erez Zukerman
6 October, 2013
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Link to: WorkFlowy




Macintosh OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and later

Age Rating:  4+

 Free, or upgrade to US$5 per month for unlimited outlines and Dropbox syncing

App Guide

WorkFlowy is an outliner that wants to change the way you manage information. It starts out as a single master document, but it encourages you to create an ever-deeper hierarchy, starting with two overarching topics, ‘Work’ and ‘Personal’. From there, you can begin outlining and journaling your entire life.

Yes, it’s ambitious, and I’m not saying you have to use WorkFlowy this way. But WorkFlowy just might be polished enough to pull it off. Its interface uses animations in a simple, non-distracting way that makes everything feel more engaging. It features excellent keyboard shortcuts, and you can use it as a to-do list and mark items as completed.

As befitting a product that prides itself on supporting a deep hierarchy, WorkFlowy lets you tag items using both hashtags and people (@name), and it smoothly autocompletes your tags based on any tags you’ve created before. It also has live search, for quickly and effectively filtering your outlines. And to help you use its power, documentation is offered as a series of short, no-nonsense videos demonstrating every aspect of the product.

What really makes WorkFlowy special is how it handles scoping. Many outliners let you zoom in on a specific node and make the rest of the outline disappear. But there’s something about the WorkFlowy interface, and the animation used for zooming, that makes a zoomed-in node feel like its own document. If you do use WorkFlowy to outline your entire life, you’d likely have to upgrade from the free version (which is limited to 500 monthly documents) to the US$5/month plan (which supports unlimited outlines and includes Dropbox sync).

With its elegant looks and uncluttered interface, WorkFlowy is a joy to use.

by Erez Zukerman, Macworld

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