Wimbledon app roundup

Sonia Sundarjee
27 June, 2012
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The 2012 Wimbledon Championships started serve this week, and if you want to be in amongst all the action and keep up with the latest news, of course, you’re going to need some apps for that!



Developer: The All England Lawn Tennis Club (Championships)

Made for: iPhone

Price: Free

Score: 3/5

Wimbledon’s official app (App Store link) allows you to follow all of the action live during the event’s fortnight.

The app has five tabs – news, live scores, results, schedule and ‘more’ that includes player profiles, multimedia, the current live video, the draws and a ‘find it’ option.

When reading the news stories, you’ll find that they’re quite text heavy and sometimes can be a bit tedious to read. The live scores, results and schedule tabs are all uncomplicated and straightforward, and the player profiles are extremely informative.

The design of this app is attractive and stylish, and it’s really easy to navigate. Viewing multimedia works really well in this app, but unfortunately seeing what’s Live at Wimbledon doesn’t – it just pops up with an error message.

This app can’t work without an internet connection, which is a bit disappointing. For a free app, this is a pretty informative one that contains a lot of useful information for the Wimbledon 2012 event.


Virtua Tennis Challenge

Developer: Sega

Made for: iPhone/iPad

Price: $5.49

Score: 5/5

If you can’t participate in Wimbledon yourself, you might as well play the world’s best tennis game franchise – now available on iOS.

In Sega’s Virtua Tennis Challenge (App Store link), you’re able to compete in 18 stadiums around the world on clay, grass and indoor and outdoor courts, against 50 top players.

The graphics in this game are incredible and amongst the best available on an iOS device. The realism of this game is also enhanced by the in-game sound effects like the grunts; they really capture the emotion and struggles of playing a strenuous game of tennis.

The actual gameplay is amazing, because the controls are highly responsive. When you line up a shot, it goes exactly where you want it to go, and your spins, slice shots, lobs and drop shots will be perfectly executed the way you want them to be.

You can play either solo against the computer, or multiplayer via Bluetooth or online with a Wi-Fi connection.

Virtua Tennis Challenge will keep you entertained throughout the Wimbledon breaks, and even if you’re not a big tennis fan it’s still a really fun game.


Wimbledon 2012 Live Pics

Developer: OneSkyMedia

Made for: iPhone

Score: 4/5

Wimbledon 2012 Live Pics (App Store link) allows you to view photos of matches, players and fans around the stadiums as they are taken.

The photos are displayed on one screen, and once you see a photo that catches your eye and you select it, you then have the option to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or email. You can even view the photo on the original photo service that it was taken on, like Twitter or Instagram.

A simple photo app that allows you to take in all the action that’s happening in this years Wimbledon, ‘see it as it happens’ and share it with your family and friends.


Tennis Stream

Developer: Darko Sancanin

Made for: iPhone

Price: Free

Score: 5/5

For all you twitter stalkers out there or ‘dedicated fans’ – whatever you prefer to be known as, this is the perfect app for you. Tennis Stream (App Store link) is an app that allows you to follow all of your favourite professional tennis players tweets easily and in real time.

Upon launch, users can select whose twitter feed they want to view, and you can even taken a look at the bios of accounts that are available to view within the app. When viewing an account’s twitter feed, you can then select individual tweets that you can reply to, quote, or retweet.

Favourite accounts can be added to your favourites section of the app, and from within that you will just be able to see the tweets of your favourite accounts. There’s also a hashtags section of the app, plus you can view your own stream.

You don’t even need a twitter account to use this app!

This app looks awesome because of the cool tennis court background, and the white on black writing looks great. A great download for keeping updated with breaking news on your favourite pro tennis players and tournaments


miCoach Tennis

Developer: Adidas AG

Made for: iPhone

Price: Free, but Adidas miCoach Speed Cell required

Adidas has discovered a way to combine the digital and physical aspects of tennis using their miCoach tennis app (App Store link).

Using your miCoach Speed Cell, a device that is in your Barricade 7.0 tennis shoes or that can be clipped onto your shoelaces, you can measure your tennis performance in your speed, rallies and the distance that you’ve covered during your tennis matches or training sessions.

Tennis professional Andrea Petkovic will ‘take you through a sports experience unlike any other’, as stated in the description of the app. You can compare your tennis stats to your friends, and share them via Facebook, Twitter, or email, as customary with today’s iPhone applications.

miCoach tennis also includes a 3D tennis game where you can customise your tennis avatar with outfits and gear, and when your physical performance improves, so do your avatars. This is an excellent added incentive for users of the app.

If you’re lucky enough to own a miCoach Speed Cell, be sure to get this app and make full use of the hardware and software components.


The Tennis App

Developer: The Tennis App LLC

Made for: iPhone/iPad

Price: Free

Score: 4/5

Stay connected to all things tennis with The Tennis App (App Store link). From within the app, you can check out the latest tennis news, rankings, scores, and do some tennis shopping, as well as get tips, tricks and tutorials from the Bryan Brothers – the current number one ranked doubles team in the world.

All features of the app work really well, and the user interface is clear and appealing.

Unfortunately if you want to use the tutorials from the Bryan Brothers, you’ll have to download them – they are free but not available immediately through the app.

The Tennis App is a must have for serious tennis fans of all ages.


Hit Tennis 2

Developer: Focused Apps LLC

Made for: iPhone/iPad

Price: Free

Score: 3/5

Hit Tennis 2 (App Store link) is a tennis game that allows you to play the single player mode, which contains the option of a single match or to start a tournament, or the two player mode that allows you to have a multiplayer match using your iOS device.

In-app purchases lets you buy bonus player packets or energy drinks, using either ‘Tennis Bucks’ that you make in the game for winning matches and tournaments, or using real-life money.

There aren’t that many player packs to purchase, but for a free game it’s sufficient.


The controls have been designed to play out ‘just like real tennis’, but in reality may feel a bit weird, especially if you’ve played other, more seamless iOS tennis games. They take some time to get used to, and sometimes the game has a slight lag or unexpected glitch.

Overall Hit Tennis 2 is a fun little tennis game to pass some time with, but if you want a tennis game with more options, there are other, better options available via the App Store to download first.

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