The Naked Gun ICUP

Alan Martin
6 August, 2012
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The Naked Gun ICUP

Link to: The Naked Gun ICUP


DNA Interactive


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Age Rating:  12+


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18 years after the last Naked Gun film, and two since Leslie Nielson, the face of Lieutenant Frank Drebin, died, we have our first ever Naked Gun game. Rather than ape the distinctive style of the cast, DNA Interactive have dodged that bullet and cast the lead as Frank Drebin Junior, still as bumbling, still as deadpan, but only half as funny.

What initially feels like a resurrection of the classic point-and-click adventure genre soon turns out to be a long series of hidden object tapping, punctuated by mini-games and dialogue. Said mini-games, which range from shooting galleries to an LA Noire-style interrogation at the end, are pleasant diversions from the repetitive tapping around the screen for clues.

The script is patchy, despite the input of Bob Locash, a writer and producer on the films, but the voice acting is consistently well-delivered, even if there’s some bizarre casting choices (since when was Ed Hocken an English butler type?). Genuinely funny lines are few and far between, and there’s less clever wordplay and far more low-brow toilet humour than the films deployed.

Although there’s some nods to Police Squad here and there, such as Johnny the shoe-shining informant offering walkthrough hints, the whole thing feels oddly unofficial for a license that must have cost a significant sum.

You can download The Naked Gun ICUP from the App Store here

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Labelled ‘Episode 1′, the developers clearly have high hopes of making more Frank Drebin Junior adventures. There’s a few promising signs, but most Naked Gun fans will leave this oddly unofficial feeling tie-in bemused and disappointed, rather than nostalgic.

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