Temple Run: Brave

Sonia Sundarjee
29 July, 2012
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Temple Run: Brave

Imangi Studios/Disney, App Store


Archery; ability to change outfits; new graphics


Too similar to the original game; lag


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What do you get when you team up Imangi Studios, developer of the addictive Temple Run, with Disney? The answer is an iOS game that goes straight to the top charts in the App Store.

This time around in Temple Run, you’re not playing as an average explorer, escape artist, city cop or football star. You’re playing as Merida, from the latest Disney movie Brave. Brave is a fantasy adventure where young Princess Merida defies an age-long custom that brings a series of destruction and chaos to her Scottish Kingdom. Using her archery skills and courage, Merinda sets off on a path to undo the beastly curse and save her kingdom.

When you first launch Temple Run: Brave, you’ll soon find that it’s pretty much the same Temple Run that we all know and love, with the exception of a few new features present.

Since Merinda is an archer in Brave, it makes sense than an archery feature was added into the new game. It’s a fun little addition to Temple Run that gets you more points and multipliers that contribute to your overall game score. It’s a breath of fresh air that gives you a bit of a break from the controls that we’re used to from the original Temple Run – jump, slide, turn, collect coins, etc.


Another new feature that Imangi and Disney have put into Temple Run: Brave replaces the ability to unlock and change the character you play as. It’s the option to purchase (with your Temple Run coins) different costumes for Merinda to wear. The outfits are pretty cool, for example the Shadow Armour outfit, which was my personal favourite.


All of the objects available in the Temple Run store – powerups and utilities – are exactly the same, just with different icons to suit the Brave movie. Objectives such as ‘Allergic to Gold’ are still completely the same as the first Temple Run as well. There are also wallpapers that you can purchase using your in-game currency, just like in the original game. The actual creature chasing you this time is a beast, instead of the monkey-like creatures that emerge from the temple after you take the idol in the original game.

When playing the game, it felt just like playing Temple Run with a different skin and a few added features. The new graphics of Temple Run: Brave are a nice change and make the game more aesthetically pleasing, and the background music combined with Merinda’s occasional commentary was amusing.

A few times when I would swipe my finger along the screen of my iPhone to jump or make a turn, there was a slight lag. This isn’t a huge problem, but it was extremely frustrating on the rare occasions when it occurred, because it usually ended up with me dying and having to start my game again. This lag wasn’t evident in the original Temple Run.

Overall, Temple Run: Brave is the same Temple Run game that most of us fell in love with and spent hours playing, trying to collect as many coins as we can to unlock a new character or beat our friend’s high scores. It serves it’s purpose, which was to promote Disney’s new movie Brave, and is a fun game to whip out on your iOS device anytime you need to pass some time or just take a break.

If you are willing to fork out a dollar for a bit of entertainment, and were a huge fan of the original Temple Run, by all means buy this game because it’s fun and enjoyable. If you didn’t really enjoy the first Temple Run, or not play it that much or want to spend some money on some other apps, then stick with the original Temple Run, which is still free.

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  1. John Edwards says:

    It’s a great game isn’t it? This is a great writeup and one we will definitely quote over at the Temple Run Fan Site. Glad you enjoyed the game!


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