Prince of Persia Classic HD

Nick Broughall
28 June, 2012
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Prince of Persia Classic HD

Link to: Prince of Persia Classic HD




Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Age Rating:  4+


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It may have been 23 years since the original Prince of Persia 2D platformer made its way onto the Apple II, but age hasn’t done it any harm. This modern HD remake of the game brings a nice design boost over the original while maintaining the older version’s classic style and feel.

The touch controls work well, although there are occasions when you end up inadvertently skewered on a trap thanks to sliding the directional button either too fast or too slowly. The combat is also a little questionable, with certain hits not registering against a sword-drawn enemy.

That said, it’s still an authentic Prince of Persia experience. Social media integration is the only real addition over the 1989 version, alongside Game Center achievements and leaderboards. But for a 23-year-old game, Prince of Persia looks fantastic.






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  1. Tim Locke says:

    Fantastic graphics and poor controls? Are unplayable games what pass for quality software these days? No thanks. I’d rather play this on an antique computer than a version where the developers couldn’t bother to figure out usable controls. I guess $2.99 is the cost of having something to show to your old school geek friends who will think it’s cool to see the old game again and won’t realize it is unplayable. For that, they could have simply sold us a video clip of another platform’s version.

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