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20 July, 2012
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The 2012 London Olympics are upon us, and who isn’t getting a little excited to see the green-and-gold-clad Australian team marching through the old motherland on their way to a, hopefully, huge gold medal haul? The Summer Olympic Games is where we shine, and if you want to follow the action you need an app.

London 2012 - Jesse Head



It would seem strange to buy an Olympic app when the official one is free, but Jesse Head’s London 2012 has a few unique features wrapped in a stylish, fast design.

London 2012 does not offer the same level of news as the official app, but it does incorporate a medal tally and a neat slide show of London’s venues with a brief summation of their location and history, plus a link to an interactive Google Maps page.

The Games schedule is set out in a timetable fashion,with the events listed within the hours of the day. This is opposed to having the times listed for each individual event, and allows you to see which events are occurring at the same time.

Event information is brief, giving you a paragraph of information on each event, plus lists where the event is held, how many athletes are competing, the number of medal events and the competition dates.

Score: 3.5/5


London 2012: Official Join In App - The London Organising Committee



The official app is the first point of call for both those following the Olympics from afar and those lucky enough to be there. It provides you with all the necessary information to stay up-to- date, providing news on the Torch Relay and event results from both the Olympics and the Paralympics.

News and images are well set out, and the event listings are packed full of details on each event’s location, time and date, plus a weather forecast.

If you are in London, the official app has a lot of information for you – especially a ‘See And Do’ tab which lists current festivals and cultural events and big-screen live sites across London and the UK while the Olympics is on. Perfect for those who want to experience England around Olympic events. The spectator guide gives you searchable maps and venue details; when used with the ‘Plan Your Journey’ guide, it will aid you getting around London to and from the events. Spectators can also create a personal schedule for the Games.

The app does require an internet connection, however, which may be an issue for those travelling to London – but hopefully Game organisers will be forward thinking enough to set up Wi-Fi hotspots.

The official app is a little slow and unresponsive at times, but the layout is simple and easy to navigate with five main tabs at the bottom of the screen. These tabs do not reset when you click another tab, which is fantastic if you are moving between them.

Score: 4.5/5


Olympic Games: Spartan Athletics - SpartanApps



Only a select few can participate in the Olympics, but everyone can swipe their way to gold with SpartanApps’ Olympic Games: Spartan Athletics game.

These virtual games take place in ancient Greece, with 10 track

and field events to choose from. The app can be played with one or two players on a single iOS device, or between two players via Bluetooth. Easy and fun to play, the 99c app (there are separate ones for iPhone/iPod touch and iPad) has reasonable graphics and well designed controls.

Players choose whether to compete in a single event or a five-event pentathlon. The available events include the high jump, javelin, discus, pole vault and various track events, all controlled through swipes and flicks.

While it will not keep you updated about the London Olympics and is limited to 10 events, it will keep you entertained during the ad breaks.

Score: 3.5/5


Coco-Cola My Beat Maker - Coca-Cola



Coca-Cola wants you to bop your way through the Olympics with its My Beat Maker app. It lets you create your own beats with the movement of your body, using elements from the official London 2012 anthem, Anywhere in the World by Mark Ronson featuring Kay B.

You are able to choose a sport or musical sound from the list, and

create the beat you like by moving your iOS device in rhythm. You can layer up to six sounds in one beat.

If you think your beat should be hitting everybody’s speakers, you can share your music via Facebook.

Despite how crazy you’ll look shaking your device, the app works smoothly and it is quite amusing to hear the sports sounds over a driving drum beat.

This free app is well worth a look and a bit of fun.

Score: 3.5/5


London 2012 Schedule - Secret Box



Secret Box’s London 2012 Schedule is a clear and easy-to-use app covering both the Olympics and the Paralympics. The app features a well-structured list of the events that take place on each Olympic day, a series of interactive venue location maps, news and a number of Olympic facts and figures.

London 2012 Schedule is exactly that – it documents each event per day and allows you to select individual events to view as a specific list. Event information is extremely basic, showing the time and date, the type of event (eg: Final) and its venue.

The Location section is a nice concept, with each venue map in a slideshow format, but searching for a specific venue will require you to move through the other maps. The rest of the app is minimal – and most of the information is available in the free official app.

Score: 3/5


London 2012 Information - Mark Jarred



If you are based in London or trekking over the hemisphere, Mark Jarred’s London 2012 Information app is a decent starting point to get your bearings.

The app revels in its simplicity, with three distinct sections: a countdown to the opening ceremony; a list of events; and a blurb on the host city. The app is not for those wishing to get the latest

news; rather it breaks down each event into venue, dates, number of medals, number of athletes.

For those attending the games it provides the nearest train stations. Even better, it links to an interactive Google Maps location, letting users see the venue’s location in terms of the greater city. Pretty handy.

For a free app, London 2012 Information is great for information on individual events and for those needing to know where the events take place.

Score: 3.5/5




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