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29 November, 2016
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NISI Pty Ltd


Age Rating:  17+


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Aussie phone app Nisi will not only remove the hassle of manually adding a new contact’s phone and email when you meet them, it will also instantly receive all the social media profiles that person has stored on their mobile phone, so long as they give permission for these profiles to be shared.

Free to download and incredibly simple to use, Nisi shares the contact and social details instantly in the blink of a smartphone camera scan. All you have to do is show your unique Nisi picture code on your phone’s screen, and the camera from your friend’s phone will scan the information from the picture, linking it to your Nisi account. You can share contact info from 14 social media platforms, with more being added each day.

Founder of Nisi, Sydney-based entrepreneur Matt Doyle, explains how Nisi’s real time syncing will also ensure all your contacts and social media profiles will never be out of date. “If you’re like me, you’ve probably accumulated so many phone numbers, email addresses and social media profiles over the years that a large percentage are now outdated,” he says. “It’s got to the point it’s no longer manageable; that is until now. Every single contact connected to Nisi is updated in real time whenever the owner of that contact changes their phone number, email or updates their social media account. This is a game changer in the world of contact management, and it’s a free download!”

Nisi also allows you to group together your social media profiles into groups – Friends, Family or Business, so you only share what you want to share. After all, you don’t want that potential new business client to know what you get up to at 2am on a Saturday night (thanks Snapchat!). Once you’ve added a friend or business associate’s contact name to Nisi, you control what social media profiles they get to see. You can give additional access or revoke access to social media profiles as your relationship develops. “Ask any girl; when they meet a guy for the first time, they would never give them instant access to their Instagram or Facebook. A phone number will suffice. They can give them greater access, later down the track (once they’ve earned it!).

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