Mole Kingdom for iPhone and iPad

Nathan Meunier
8 October, 2012
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Mole Kingdom for iPhone and iPad

Link to: Mole Kingdom for iPhone and iPad




Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Age Rating:  4+


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Slow and steady can be positive virtues for games that deliver a constant drip of fun, but Mole Kingdom’s botched pacing is so sluggish that you spend most of your time simply waiting for something to happen.

With only a meager throne room to begin with, your underground kingdom is a blank slate to mold to your whim. By creating housing chambers, attracting mole citizens and forging work rooms for them, you earn experience and unlock tons of new elements for building out your abodes. The problem is all of this costs significant in-game money and resources that are earned at a glacial pace.

Directing your moles to toil away at menial tasks like crafting potions and harvesting food can take anywhere from minutes to hours and the paltry experience gained from each work session is abysmal. Unless you want to spend lots of real-world cash to buy gems to speed things up, there’s not much to do but sit there and wait.

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Despite Mole Kingdom’s depth, InfiGames fails to deliver any tangible feelings of reward for all your hard effort.

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