Albert Filice
11 August, 2013
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Link to: LittleIpsum

Developer Tools

Dustin Senos


OS X 10.5 or later

Age Rating:  4+


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If you find yourself performing tasks that uses placeholder text frequently, LittleIpsum 2.0.2 is a definite way to speed things up. A simple menu bar application, LittleIpsum stays out of your way until you need it, and performs well when you do.

When you click on the LittleIpsum icon in your menu bar, you’re presented with a menu that displays sets of rectangles that get bigger as they go down – these rectangles represent the amount of placeholder text you can use. You can select a single random word and up to five words individually. You can also select one sentence all the way up to five, and the same goes with up to four paragraphs. It’s a simple system, and it lets you grab bits of placeholder content for anything, from menu items to entire blocks of text.

The only improvements I’d like to see are hotkey support and maybe the ability to use other ‘lorem ipsum’ style placeholder text rather than the traditional Latin text by Cicero. If you don’t know what I mean, I’m talking about the funny derivations of ‘lorem ipsum’ such as Hipster IpsumBatman IpsumBeer Ipsum or one of the dozens of others.

Placeholder text isn’t hard to come by, and there are a tonne of placeholder online tools. But LittleIpsum removes the need for opening a new browser tab (you don’t even have to be online), and offers a nice range of text lengths that always look fresh and candid.

by Albert Filice, Macworld

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