Little Acorns

Nick Broughall
6 July, 2012
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Little Acorns

Link to: Little Acorns




Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires 3.0 or later

Age Rating:  4+


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Some days it almost seems like iOS devices were invented purely for playing simple platform games like Little Acorns. As the patriarchal figurehead of a squirrel family who have had their collection of acorns stolen by heartless woodland creatures, it’s your job to get them back. Through a combination of simple yet responsive controls, and an irresistibly cute design, the game is as kid-friendly as a platformer can be. There’s plenty of replay value as you try and beat challenging speed run times, or collect additional fruit at the end of each level, which will unlock unique outfits for your character.

With 60 levels, there’s plenty to play through, although it does get a little repetitive at times collecting acorns. The game tries to mix it up with different mechanics and unique enemies, but although Little Acorns does the job very, very well, you can’t but help the feeling that you’ve played it before.

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