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13 July, 2012
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Kitchen Calculator

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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Age Rating:  4+


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I’ve gone a bit ‘app mad’ in my latest mission to learn how to cook…well, anything. The other week I got to grips with Slow Cooker dishes, and now here I am, braving the world of recipes and the accompanying complexities of different metric systems.

When it comes to browsing recipes online, look no further than a search engine and a couple of key words. The results offer thousands, millions of  varying methods to make the dish you desire. Problem is, grabbing recipes this way means that a lot of the time the metric systems are different to the ones we use in Australia.

Seasoned cooks will be able to quickly convert gallons to litres and ounces to grams, but what about us kitchen newbs? Even worse, when you’re staring at a recipe that uses metrics like a ‘jigger’ or the rather nondescript ‘dash’, then you know you’re in need of help.

This is a good time to call on a program to do the hard yards for you – my reasoning precisely for downloading Kitchen Calculator for iPhone, a decision I’m very glad I made.

The app supports conversions for UK and US metric systems, with a simple interface that takes about  second to know your way around. Just select the type of measurement you want to convert from, the quantity needed for the recipe and the unit you want to convert to. Simple!

Word puzzle: Metric terms like ‘jill’ and ‘drop’ can throw a spanner in the works, when trying to figure out exactly what this means and how much of an ingredient it requires. Select from a range of units via Kitchen Calculator to convert to a measurement that you understand.

There’s also a Pro version you can download for $4.49, with added features like compiling your own database of conversions for quick access, among other offerings. I don’t have the Pro version yet, but I don’t feel the need for it either. Kitchen Calculator handles the tasks I need it for well and without any fuss.

For trickier dishes that require accuracy and more care, this is a handy app to have on board.


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