JPEG Repair for Mac

Duncan Evans
25 November, 2012
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JPEG Repair for Mac

Link to: JPEG Repair for Mac


Stellar Info


Mac OS X 10.5 or later

Age Rating:  4+


App Guide

If there’s one thing you never want to lose in the digital age, it’s your photos. Unfortunately hard drives, viruses, crashes and deleting images can all conspire together to take those images away from you.

The idea behind JPEG repair is to locate damaged JPEGs, repair the file structure and save the new version, leaving the original untouched. To this end it has a very simple interface with just two options: Repair JPEG or Extract Thumbnail for an image. The main option is Repair JPEG and this leads to a file browser whereby you can select the damaged files. It works as a batch process so multiple files can be selected. However, here’s where the fun starts.

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The biggest problem is actually deleted images, but this app doesn’t find those. Stellar Data Recovery has a separate app for that, when surely, they needed to be in the same package. Also, corrupted files can be missing a header that causes them to disappear from the file system but this won’t find them either. They have to be recognisable as files and then, if you are lucky, they can be fixed. Sometimes, because it doesn’t work all the time.

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